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How To Make Your Apartment Dog-Friendly

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4 min read
How To Make Your Apartment Dog-Friendly

Having a pet is a huge responsibility, but at the same time - it provides a lot of joy.

Having a faithful friend to wait for you until you come back from work is an amazing feeling. However, living in an apartment that is not suitable for dogs can be very challenging, both for the pet and its owner.

So, when moving to a new home, think about all the ways you can make the place more comfortable – both for you and your dogs. We've collected the best tips on how to make your apartment dog-friendly and enjoy your new home even more.

Be careful when moving to a new apartment with your dog

If you are moving into a new home and look forward to apartment living with a puppy, there are things to consider before you rent a place:
browse only pet-friendly buildings – narrow your search to pet-friendly properties only, so you don't waste your time. Believe it or not, some properties don't allow animals.
understand the rules – many properties have specific rules about having a pet. That’s why you should be well-informed about them before you move in with your dog and make your apartment dog-friendly.
pick the right breed – if you are still thinking about getting a dog, consider taking an apartment dog who can live in smaller spaces.
have a great resume – yes, your dog will probably need a positive resume about its health, previous living spaces, training, etc. It will help you get a good dog-friendly place.

Ways to make your apartment dog-friendly

There are a lot of options when it comes to finding a pet-friendly apartment. In fact, more apartments are becoming animal-friendly, all accross the states, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding them.

Moving is hard enough as it is, there are checklists, packing, and planning. It can be overwhelming if you aren't prepared. Adding a pet to the mix can be even more difficult. Leave it to the experts. Moving companies do this for a living. They've thought of things that you might not of. They've got supplies that might have forgot about.

Transition to a new place is not only a change for you, but for your dog too! Spend this time with your dog, enjoying your new apartment, adapting to it; As your apartment tells a lot about your personality, it should also tell that you care for your beloved pet(s)!

Spending time with your dog is essential

As you may have heard it a thousand times, having a pet is a great responsibility. That’s why you should think about your lifestyle and decide if you really have time to take care of a dog.

Working from home is the best option there is –especially if you create a perfect work area in your apartment. If that’s not the case, make sure you have everything ready to take care of your dog's needs as soon as you arrive.

If you work for more than 8 hours a day, and tend to stay overtime – maybe having a pet is not such a great idea, especially if you are living alone.

Add a doggy door

Generally, doggy doors are common for houses, but there is a way to have them even thou you are living in an apartment. If you have a safe apartment balcony or a patio, add a doggy door so your dog can get out whenever it feels like it. This can really help if you don’t have a lot of time for taking the dog out for a walk since they have more space to move around. There are even products that you can buy, like a Potty Porch, which can help train the dog to go to the bathroom outside, rather than inside the apartment.

Have a bathroom schedule

One of the ways to help your dog (and yourself) be happy when living in a restricted area is by providing them with a regular bathroom schedule. This simple daily task will make your life easier, your dog is happier – and your apartment clean.

Set space-sharing rules and get a doggy bed

Having a dog is like having a roommate – you’re sharing the apartment. That’s why there should be some ground rules about it. It’s important that your dog has its own space for sleeping and playing. This way you’ll avoid them sleeping on your bed, a nice sofa, etc. It’s okay to share the bed sometimes, but your pet should have its own dog bed as an alternative. Using your old blankets and covers and recycling them into dog beds or dog toys can be very helpful. Dogs enjoy sleeping in a soft place, especially if it smells like you!

Toys are a must

Since your dog will be spending a lot of time inside of the apartment (often alone) it’s necessary to have some toys to keep them busy while you’re away. However, when it comes to toys, it’s essential to have a special basket or a box where you’ll keep all of those items, which will help your apartment be tidy. Apart from having a tidy place, you’ll protect your furniture, chords and other items your dog could chew on when in lack of a toy.

Dog-proof the apartment

Yes, baby-proofing your household is not only effective for babies but for the dogs, too. Simple baby-locks will protect your kitchen cabinets and other places you might keep some food or treats. This way, you’ll protect your kitchen, as well as your dog from spoiling its stomach.

Adapt your everyday routine

As you are trying to make your apartment dog-friendly, be sure to make your daily schedule dog-friendly, too. Taking your dog out for a walk is very important for their mood and health. That’s why you should try to implement that time into your daily tasks, jogging sessions, shopping, etc. Take your dog with you and give them the best time! At the end of the day, the thing that’s important is spending time together and enjoying it.