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Ideal Plants for an Apartment Balcony

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

4 min read
Ideal Plants for an Apartment Balcony

When you first move in, everything is a blank canvas.

It can be sort of exciting figuring out what to hang on the walls and where to arrange the furniture. If your apartment has a balcony or a patio, there are even more decision to make. There are flowers, creepers, conifers, herbs, vegetables, shrubs and even dwarf trees that someone could choose to grow.

Depending on the location of your apartment, some plants are better than others. For instance, some plants are more suitable for small areas. Some plants thrive in places where there is no sun, some sun, and lots of sun. Some plants can’t bear high winds and need more protection. Some are heavy and others are light, especially whne water is added. Soil and pots get heavy, fast. Be careful not to add too much weight to your apartment balcony.

With those things in mind, it’s time to find which plant is perfect for your situation. Below are a few balcony plants that would be good to choose from based upon their characteristics.


These flowers will bloom year after year for you when they are kept in lightly shaded environments. Not only are the flowers beautiful, but so are the leaves. These leaves add texture to the overall feel of the begonia by providing lusciously green, big, and jagged leaves.


Mums are the most popular flowers after the rose because of how many varieties they come in – different sizes, colors, and shapes.

These flowers need space. It may not sound ideal for a balcony, but because mums expand, you really don’t too many. One or two mums will be enough and still make your balcony looking nice.


This flower thrives in mild temperatures.

Pansies come in many colors and sizes – some have “faces” of that in Alice in Wonderland and are perfect for growing in window boxes and pots.



This shade loving perennial looks best in hanging baskets. These drooping flowers appear as a fancy chandelier.

With fuchsias around, you’ll see an increase in birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds.


These flowers create a beautiful spherical shape. A great option for people who are in limited space. Hydrangea likes frequent and abundant watering with sunlight.

Cut off a few bunches and they make a great centerpiece for the kitchen table.



To grow abundantly, petunias need a good amount of sun.

There are several colors to choose from and they are easy to grow.


If you have a shady balcony, ferns are a good choice. Ferns are adaptable and grow well in plant containers and hanging containers.

If you have a small balcony, ferns may not be a good choice. The reason being, ferns expand and can grow very large.


Herbs are great for apartment balconies because they are easy to grow, fit in relatively small containers, and some have vines allowing them to grow vertically.

Herbs tend to like full or partial sunlight – position them on the sunniest part of your balcony. Herbs can also be placed inside, near a window.

For sunnier balconies, sage, thyme, or rosemary may be good choices. For shady spots, mint, parsley, or dill may be good choices.


If you have trouble remembering to water plants, and if your balcony gets a lot of sun, succulents may be ideal for you.

The word “succulent” comes from the Latin word sucus, meaning juice, or sap. It makes sense when you understand the nature behind the plant; Succulents retain water.

Fruits and Vegetables

Typically, fruits and vegetables, such as: strawberries, raspberries, lettuce, and tomatoes need lots of sun.

A benefit to growing fruits and vegetables on a balcony is that the balcony keeps produce safe that bugs and small animals.

Growing your own produce will benefit you in the long run as it is good for your wallet.


On the topic of unwanted pests, marigolds give off an undesirable insect with their pungent odor.

Marigolds do especially well in warm climates, are low maintenance and bright – definitely spruces up the space.
Not having a yard doesn’t prevent anyone from having a garden. With limited space, one has to be strategic about what they choose to grow on their balcony.

Plants can transform your apartment balcony from a boring, barren wasteland into a lush, fragrant, and lively garden. Although, if you don’t have the right apartment in the first place, you can’t grow a balcony garden. Plant your roots and call our apartments home today!