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Creating a Functional Work Area at Home

  • Norhart


4 min read
Creating a Functional Work Area at Home

Working from home has never been more popular than it is today.

Studies show that one in five Americans chooses to make their living from their home office. Many companies are starting to realize the benefits of offering such options to their employees. It is a win-win since the employers save a lot on not having to pay for office space, while their workers save the time that they would spend getting ready for work and commuting.

However, to do your best at working from home, you need to be disciplined and organized. The first step in starting or improving your home career is to create a functional working area at home.

Setting Up a Desk

Let's start with a desk setup. This is the place you'll spend most of your working hours, so it has to be proper.

Choose a good size desk to fit all that you need. A spacious desktop will make you feel free and less claustrophobic. If you are having trouble finding the right shape and size for your desk, you can have it custom-made. It might be a bit more expensive, but it will be unique.

If moving bulky pieces of furniture into your home seems like too much of a hassle, you can always contact professionals and ask for their professional opinion and help. Once your perfect home office is complete, you’ll see that it was worth your time.

Don't forget about the chair. There are thousands of them in the stores, and picking just one can be confusing. Take your time to visit the furniture shops and do not fall for a piece that just looks good. Modern design can be appealing, but not everything we see in magazines is comfortable. And, you wouldn't want to sit on a plastic chair for several hours every day, would you?

Proper Lighting

Making the right balance between natural and artificial light in your home office is crucial. If you are lucky enough to have a big window or more of them in this room, make the most of the light that you are getting. Don't pick dark colors for your shutters and curtains, they will make space look smaller and more depressive.

The same goes for the walls. When it comes to artificial light sources, again go for functionality first and their looks should be the second thing you look at. Luckily, there are numerous lighting fixtures to choose from for any style that you are going for.

Keeping Your Place Clean

We cannot stress enough the benefits of a clean apartment. Of course, you already know that your place should be clean for health reasons, but there is more.

Decluttering is a good starting point for making your office functional. Once you throw away all the stuff that you do not need, you will feel fresh and more eager to start working. Whenever you take a look at your surroundings you will see a place that is clean and spotless and that increases your productivity. It helps you feel good about yourself.

Provide Enough Storage Solutions

If you want to keep your workspace functional, you need to have enough storage space. Those could be:

• filing cabinets - they are great for organizing the working area at home;
• drawers - make sure to keep them tidy since they get cluttered easily;
• shelves - open or closed, the choice is yours;

Whatever you decide to do, don't buy without measuring! That is one of the typical mistakes to avoid when decorating and furnishing. Keep the things that you use daily or several times a day close to you. For example, you should keep them in the drawers underneath your desk or nicely organized on your desk. By doing so, you will not have to interrupt your work every now and then only to fetch something that you need across the room.

Add Some Greenery

A little greenery in your office can go a long way.

If you cannot be bothered to change fresh cut flowers in your vase every few days, then some pot plants are a good solution for you. You can find one of those mini planter troughs which are so chic and they make great desk additions! Or, you can have a palm in the corner of the room to make a big statement.

Plants in your office purify your air instantly, so that is one more reason why you should have them. If you are not too disciplined about watering your plants, maybe you should opt for cacti then.
If your home office happens to have a balcony, then you really shouldn't hesitate to plant something over there. You can choose from flowers, creepers, herbs or even vegetables - those are ideal plants for an apartment balcony.

Personalize Your Space

Traditional offices are rather boring and uniform. Since you decided to work from home you have the opportunity to make your space look exactly like you would want it. Add as many personal details as you feel like.
Think about what is inspiring you to do better. Why not remember some of your accomplishments whenever you take a look at a wall? Maybe you can have some family photos framed for your office. Many studies are showing that motivational quotes help increase productivity, so pick some that motivate you and display them.

However, be careful not to overdo it when it comes to the details. Too many of them can harm your productivity. A desk full of decorative items and a wall with no spare space left can be distracting. Remember, your working area at home is still your office and in there you should be productive and keep up the good work!