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What Does Your Apartment Say About Your Personality?

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6 min read
What Does Your Apartment Say About Your Personality?

The more time you spend in your home, the closer it reflects you.

It is human nature to shape one’s surroundings, to form it to one's taste and needs. Over the course of time, your apartment home will mirror your personality. Therefore, your apartment has a personality of its own. It's highly unlikely that two apartments will look identical.

So, what will your apartment say about your personality? It can be strikingly accurate; a little shocking even, once you become aware of it. Your apartment may be a tiny mark you leave upon the world, and yet it brings you great comfort.


Your Apartment Has character. Yours.

Making yourself at home means leaving your impact on your closest environment - your apartment. There's no such thing as a decorating mistake when it comes to showing your personality. If you have ever wondered what your apartment says about your personality, take these hints.

The Psychology Behind a Front Door

Being the entrance to your home, your front door will be the first trait visitors notice about your character. The color and decorations you choose, will have more meaning than you'll probably realized.

Try it. Walk around the halls to your apartment. Not everyone, but some participate in decorating the outside of their doors. When you do see one that's decorated, give it some time. Pause and reflect on the items that they are choosing to showcase. In doing so, you'll get a glimpse into who your neighbors are. Some popular choices are flags, wreaths, bows, post cards, and flowers.

Color is an important characteristic to notice. The use of color can simulate certain emotions in people, or reflect one's personality. For instance:

  • White. Can signify a clean and simple but organized homeowner.
  • Yellow. Spurs interest in a confident, humorous and curious person.
  • Red. The traditional color stands for a welcoming, vibrant and inviting host.
  • Purple. The color of spirituality shows off your open-mindedness and risk-taking nature.
  • Blue. Royal blue marks positive personalities, dark blue signals calm, and light blue sincere ones.
  • Green. Is synonym for health, safety, and community.
  • Brown. Warm, reliable, and private
  • Black. Authoritative but sophisticated

Your Plants Have a Voice, Too

Plants can speak on your behalf, did you know.

Whether they're growing, green, and full of life compared to dying and turning brown, others can get a distinction of how you care for your things.

Same goes for the type of plant. For instance, long-lasting bromeliads, might mean that you're not an attention-seeker but a calm and flexible person easily recognized for your charisma. Succulents are edgy and can show your independent side.

These subtle hints can be easily overlooked.

If you're not traveling but moving from Florida to another state, for example, double-check if you can bring your plants with you. Orchid people are intuitive and good listeners and snake plant owners are creative and strong introverts. Air plants are as extravagant as their owners - they don't need soil to grow and you're free-spirited to match.


Anxious or Not, The Question is Now

The amount of chaos in your house is inversely proportional to the level of your anxiety. Are your sock drawers messy? Is there dust under your bed or clutter in your dresser? If you are not obsessing about every speck of dirt, it shows you're detail-oriented.

You don't need to be in control of your environment to feel comfortable. Less anxious people point their attention to organizing more vital parts of their lives. However, the benefits of keeping a clean home surpass a simple reflection of your traits and habits.


There's More to Your Kitchen Than Your Groceries

When science meets coffee-drinking preferences, the results show personality traits you haven't been aware of. If you enjoy strong, black coffee, you're simple. Adding milk to your coffee makes people perceive you as agreeable and accommodating. Sweet, blended drinks expose a youthful, spontaneous spirit. Instant coffee? You are a procrastinator.

Which food you keep in plain sight reveals perhaps the most obvious of traits. Studies have confirmed that people on average weigh less than others if they have a bowl of fruit in the kitchen instead of soda or breakfast cereal.


If your kitchen is stocked with appliances and utensils, it is a sign of how welcoming and accommodating you are. The type and amount of dishes and utensils show if you're a hospitable extrovert or an introvert who enjoys a quiet meal.

What does the rest of your apartment say about your personality?

Find the perfect style for your kitchen according to your personality type with the flowchart below.

Bathroom - There's Nothing More Personal

Generally, kitchens and living rooms are the heart of the home. These rooms are on display for friends, family, and guests to see. It's in the private spaces of our homes where one can truly get to know someone. In this instance, let's look at the bathroom.

In this room, is where we prepare ourselves before meeting the rest of the world. There one can find not only how your organize the counter, but how one organizes the bath tub/shower too. Speaking of bath or shower, is their one or the other? If it's a combination of the two, what gets used most?

Spotless units indicate someone who likes things in order.

There's a lot to uncover about someone, from the surface of the bathroom, without having to look through their drawers.



An airy and bright bedroom may show that someone is emotionally stable while nostalgic people are more likely to leave it cluttered.

One glance at your bed and the person who knows what to look for will read you like a book. The bed is the main focus of the bedroom and because of this, the first thing that people will notice is whether the bed is made or not. Making one's bed in the monring can demonstrate that this person follows a routine - that they follow through with commitments made.

After taking that into account, the next thing people will notice is the colors used. The colors chosen in a bedroom can demonstrate oneself. Shades of red, pink and purple speak of an affectionate, confident person, while white, beige, and gray tones reveal inhibited, cool types. Stripes symbolize a confident spirit, polka dots mark fun characters, animal prints speak of a creative soul while nervous persons opt for geometric patterns.

Here are some things to take into account when designing your bedroom, and what to advoid.


Home Decor

Walls are like empty canvas that are waiting to be designed.

With that in mind, walls help tell the story of you. Walking into the living room and finding a picture of someone's family on the coffee table can explain one thing, while a quote nailed on the wall can explain something else, compared to a cross, compared to a mirror.

Things that are on the walls will vary from room to room.

The same goes for furniture. The way you arrange chairs and sofas reveals how social you are. If they face each other, you're aspiring to have conversations rather than spend long hours watching TV alone.


We hope this articles gave you some ideas of what your apartment says about you. If not, we hope you take some of these things into consideration when arranging things around your apartment.

You apartment is homemade, which is why it's perfect for you.