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Relational Trust

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Relational Trust

People don’t necessarily trust someone with hidden agendas.

Whose behavior is inconsistent.

Or, who are self-centered.

They wouldn’t necessarily confine in someone who doesn’t keep their promises.

Blames others.

Or, who criticizes before offering feedback.

With trust in place, people have better relationships with one another, communicating and relating with each other become instantaneous, and more things get done.

Despite these clear benefits to trust, there’s still mistrust.

When mistrust spreads throughout an organization, relationships suffer, and when relationships suffer, productivity suffers.

The thing with relationships is that they and are two sided.

Both people involved need to feel understood.

It’s difficult to trust someone you know nothing about, or that they know nothing about you.

Which is why relationships take time.

Comfortability breeds trust.

If employees know they are being understood, they’ll trust in ways that will make a huge difference in the degree of engagement and involvement.