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Nohart: Bringing You The Best in Forest Lake for Apartment Living

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Nohart: Bringing You The Best in Forest Lake for Apartment Living

Homeownership rates in the US are at the highest they’ve been in a decade.

With house prices rising alongside this trend, college grads, first-time homeowners, small families, or those wanting to downsize are looking to apartment life.

And that’s not just apartments in crowded cities.

In fact, high-earning renters-by-choice seek out quality apartment buildings as their preferred home. They’re looking for apartments for rent in Forest Lake or other smaller cities and towns.

Are you curious to find out why the demand for compact homes is on the rise? Read on to find out why apartment living offers such an attractive lifestyle for Twin City residents.

Creating and Maintaining Quality Homes

Norhart’s Minnesota story all started with the construction of a “big hit” 8-plex in Forest Lake. From those humble beginnings came the award-winning comprehensive residential apartment developments they’re known for today.

Building Your Home

The company combines over two decades of construction experience with contemporary building advances like smart home technology and green living initiatives. They have as much experience renovating existing properties as they do building new Forest Lake apartments.

Norhart owners and staff live and work in Minnesota. They understand the local community and know what residents want in a home. Their Forest Lake apartments, for example, are well-positioned to take advantage of the stunning natural features of the Minnesota area.

Managing Your Home

Apartment complexes are dynamic places. You can’t simply think of them as a grouping of single siloed homes.

You can rely on them to stick around and manage the complex with the same care you experienced during the build. Not only do individual apartments require maintenance, but there are also common areas like spas, gyms, dog-walking or BBQ areas, gardens, and more that require upkeep.

Norhart doesn’t just hand over the keys once they’re done building your sleek new home.

Of course, decorating your home is up to you. Norhart keeps its quality interiors simple yet contemporary so that you can infuse your new apartment with your personality.

Apartment Living: It’s All About Community

Apartment developments are a hive of activity. Sign up for apartment life and let the hubbub of positive community energy wash over you.

Get Togethers and Events

Most suburbs in American are quiet places. You might be familiar with your immediate neighbors, maybe those in the house across from you, but you’re unlikely to know others on your street.

It’s a different story when you live in a well-managed apartment complex, especially one managed by Norhart. They organize everything from potlucks and BINGO nights to yard sales to encourage community interaction.

Being in such a tight-knit neighborhood, you’ll make new friends, swap crafting equipment or cooking tips, and have someone to ask for that cup of sugar from when you run out.

Community Meetings

No apartment complex is complete without apartment association meetings. These are sometimes viewed as a waste of time and energy but they don’t need to be that way.

Some rules for engaging association meetings include:

Plan the agenda and share it will all residents
Discuss the most important items first
Have a set aim or goal to achieve during the meeting
Be generous to those who don’t arrive on time (everyone has rough days)
Allocate responsibility to different people in the group
Decide if you need a meeting or you can resolve the issue by email or phone
Rather than create an event that people dread, Norhart views apartment association meetings as a way to bring new ideas forward. Residents are encouraged to speak up when they see room for improvement.

Creating a meaningful life is a group effort. Apartment living offers Americans a new opportunity for the community.

Embracing Smart Housing Technology

Mike Kaeding, President of Norhart, says that the company strives to create a better way for people to live. Integrating smart technology into their apartment buildings is one way they make apartment life appealing to 21st-century renters and homeowners.

In each apartment, features like dimming, turning off and on, or changing the color of the lighting, monitoring security, and managing utilities are centralized into a wall-mounted control hub. Smart features can also be accessed via a resident’s cellphone. Residents use electronic keycards or even their smartphones to access the garage and open their front doors.

Norhart Takes Care of the Important Stuff

Embracing apartment living with Norhart means you don’t have to spend money on costly renovations, HVAC systems, or big appliances. It’s all taken care of! Just pack your bags and move on in.

There are amenities for miles in Norhart apartment complexes. They are situated in convenient locations near important highway routes.

The ten complexes in Forest Lake have a variety of different amenities ranging from underground parking, pools, fitness centers, playgrounds, community rooms, and movie theatres, and more.

Their newer Forest Lake apartments have central heating and AC, large closets, private balconies, and modern kitchens with stainless steel fixtures and granite countertops.

That’s just a selection of what’s on offer!

Norhart properties are also carefully located near activities appropriate for all the family. In Forest Lake alone, there are over thirty parks and open spaces, and numerous playgrounds and ballparks. It’s close to the Hardwood Creek Trail and two lakes. There are restaurants and shopping centers nearby.

Residents can keep pets in most developments, though you might have to pay a small fee. Some places even have a shared pet washing room for your mud-loving hounds.

Make the Right Choice for You

From cultivating an in-house garden to finally getting to KonMari all your possessions, apartment living in Forest Lake offers a lifestyle that is easy, stress-free, and affordable. Choose your apartment complex wisely and you can benefit from freshly renovated living spaces, and handy community amenities like parks, swimming pools, and gyms.

Are you ready to ditch that cumbersome and costly 2,301 square feet of home for a jaunty (and practical) apartment? Don’t hesitate! Take a look at Norhart’s contemporary residential offerings in Forest Lake and other Minnesota locations today.