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How to Decorate Your New Forest Lake Apartment

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5 min read
How to Decorate Your New Forest Lake Apartment

You're moving into a new Forest Lake apartment and need to think hard about apartment decorating ideas for your shiny, new space.

Maybe you're downsizing and you have a lifetime of collectibles to sort through, or maybe it's your first time renting an apartment. In any case, could you use some advice on decorating a new apartment?

One of the biggest challenges for decorating your apartment is creating an aesthetic harmony and the comfort to turn your apartment into a home. Here's how you can create character, warmth and a sense of home in your apartment.

Highlight Your Personality and Style

If you want to love your apartment and feel at home, make sure you choose apartment decor that embraces your personality. Whether you prefer splashes of color, classic or quirky styles, have confidence in decorating your apartment for your personal style.

Don't worry about anyone else. If you love bold colors, brilliant golds, or black and white, use your mind's paintbox for decorating the apartment.

Basics of Decorating an Apartment

Before choosing the colors, textures, and patterns of your apartment decor, consider these basic elements of your apartment.


Think about the woodwork style of your apartment when decorating. If you prefer a modern look but have traditional natural woodwork, you can tone down the formality of wood by balancing it with simple wall paint and furnishings.

If you prefer a traditional look, add more wood tones and classic furniture to your decor.


Window treatments are a large part of decorating the apartment. They provide warmth, privacy and an array of decorating options. For example, hanging curtains on simple iron rods highlights window frames.

If you feel more comfortable with floor-length draperies in colorful patterns and textures, go with that. You can balance the colors with coordinating wall decor, carpeting, and furniture that complement your colorful window treatments. The important thing is to make your personal style apparent.

Room Size

Keep the size of your rooms in mind. You can make smaller rooms appear larger by using simple, neutral colors and furniture. Try to keep extra pieces to a minimum to make the small space roomier.

Did you know that mirrors can make a small room look larger? If you hang a mirror across the room from a window, the light bounces off the mirror. This gives the illusion of more space.

The kitchen room size is an important consideration. Since you'll be cooking, eating and storing food in the kitchen, the right decor choices are crucial. You don't want to be squeezing past a large dining table while you're trying to cook at the stove.

If the area is small, consider a corner table with bench seating rather than a dining table with chairs. You can also consider using a kitchen island and stools to take up less space.

Upgrade Lighting

Lighting sets the mood for the rooms in your apartment. Sometimes you have limited choices for apartment lighting if it's equipped with recessed lights that brighten the whole room.

For a softer glow, don't use the ceiling lights. Install wall sconces instead. They add a warm atmosphere to hallways, small rooms, and bathrooms.

If you decide on table lamps, make the lampshades decorative accents. Light-colored lampshades will give you more light, while darker shades give subdues lighting. You can also get creative and cover your lampshades with colored fabrics and textures for a personalized look.

Another essential area for extra lighting is in your kitchen. You can install LED light strips under your cabinets and in any dark nooks of your counter space. This gives your kitchen a warm, homey feel, as well as more light for food preparation.

Carpeting or Hardwood

If your apartment has hardwood floors, you might be wondering if you should put rugs on the floor. Hardwood floors are beautiful and elegant. They're easy to keep clean and the natural wood tones match most apartment decorating ideas.

All you need is a dry mop to quickly wipe up any dust, rather than pulling out a vacuum cleaner for carpeting. One thing to keep in mind if you decide not to put down any rugs is that wood floors are noisy if you walk around your apartment in shoes.

Also, if you have children, wood floors are hard. When your kids play on the floor, it can hurt little knees. Combining area rugs on your hardwood flooring can solve this problem.

You can put down area rugs that complement the colors of your rooms and soften hardwood flooring. For example, an area rug beside your bed keeps your feet warm when you step out of bed. You can also use them in play areas and under coffee tables.

Wall Art

When you select wall art, you can really let your personality and style shine through. Try to incorporate nature, botanicals, photographs, and the whimsey of fabrics, seeds, beads, and glass to decorate your apartment.

Even the frames add style to your rooms. The art you hang on your walls turns your apartment into a home. Consider colors and designs that add drama to your walls and give your living space the peace and comfort in your life.

If your apartment complex doesn't allow nail holes in the walls, you can use damage-free options for wall hangings.

Make Your Apartment Decorating Ideas Your Own

When it comes to decorating a new apartment, making it your own is the key to turning it into a home. It doesn't matter how many people lived there before. Now, it's yours, and it's time to put your personality, style, and soul into it.

Your apartment decorating ideas should reflect your identity and individuality. So, try these decorating tips to make your new apartment in Forest Lake a home you'll be proud to live in.

Contact us if you're relocating or looking for an apartment in the Forest Lake, Minnesota area. Our goal is to find an apartment that suits your personality and lifestyle.