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Safe Travel Ways: How to Safely Experience the World

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3 min read
Safe Travel Ways: How to Safely Experience the World

Travel tends to be more reasonably priced and accessible than it used to be, but that doesn't mean you can take your eye off the ball!

Safety is a significant concern when talking about traveling.

Traveling can be a lot of fun, and for the vast majority of us, it can be a great time to rest, relax, and spend good quality time with our loved ones.

But there are a few things that need proper consideration before you travel, and that will keep you safe to return home.

So, if you're planning your next trip and wondering how to travel safely, look no further.

Travel safety tips!

1. Do your research –

Probably the most crucial consideration before traveling is to do your research and not to be ill-informed about where you intend on traveling too!

You need to know the right places to stay, where crime levels are low. You can check this through the State Department's Website.

2. Get the right travel insurance –

No one wants to consider accidents or incidents while they are on vacation, but what if one happens? Adequate travel insurance will cover medical bills and protect you from unexpected bills!

3. Make copies of essential documents –

Make copies of your passport and your international driver’s license because you never know when you may need them.

4. Get homeowners insurance –

Most home insurance (check your policy) will cover your possessions while you are away.

The personal property portion of your homeowners or renters insurance policy should protect personal belongings like a laptop, headphones, and digital cameras against theft, vandalism, and loss, both at home and while you're traveling.

5. Carry your essential items rather than storing them -

The best way to prevent things from being stolen from your hotel room is to carry them with you! Never leave valuables like credit cards, IDs, or cash in your hotel room because everyone on the hotel staff has access to your room.

6. Don't wear flashy jewelry –

This is a sure-fire way to draw attention to yourself and open yourself up to a potential robbery or a snatch and grab opportunist

7. Drink responsibly -

When you're away from home, you're more likely to get lost or end up in a dangerous neighborhood, and being drunk makes you an easy target for scams, robbery, or worse.

8. Look after your money -

It's not a good idea to carry large amounts of cash around.

Only take what you need that day, and leave the rest locked away safely in your hotel room.

Better still, open an account with an international bank or credit card company so that you can use local ATMs.

9. Make a note of emergency phone numbers -

Look up the emergency services number for your destination, as well as the number for the country's nearest embassy, before you get there.

Write them down or save them on your phone to have quick access to them in an emergency.

10. Check in with friends and family regularly –

Let someone have a copy of your itinerary before leaving.

Update them if your plans change, and make sure you check in with them regularly; this is incredibly important if you are traveling alone.

Stay aware

Probably one of the most important things to remember while traveling is that if someone or an area is making you uncomfortable, there's most likely a reason.

Your subconscious picks up on things that we aren't consciously aware of; remember that your gut feeling is your subconscious and shouldn't get ignored; it will help you stay safe.

You also need to check your international driver's license.

An international drivers license is issued to a person by a governmental agency or private organization that has been designated by a country's government to administer it. They are the only official translation of a person's Driver's License and are to UN standards.

Carrying an international driver's license can be useful when obtaining vehicle insurance and rentals in many countries worldwide.

Always keep a secured digital copy of your international driver’s license on your phone so that you still have this vital document to hand if you ever need it while traveling abroad, or indeed anywhere.