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Caring for the Granite in Your Apartment

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

3 min read
Caring for the Granite in Your Apartment

Almost all of our apartments have granite countertops - used throughout the kitchen and bathrooms.

We chose to design our apartments with granite for the benefit of our residents. Why? Because there are far more advantages to granite than disadvantages.

It can take the heat. For instance, when hot items are placed on granite or when cutting on granite, the surface doesn't damage. Cutting on granite will damage your knives, but not the granite.
It doesn't depreciate in value. Many renters appreciate the luxurious feel granite adds to a kitchen. With the kitchen at the center of our floor plans, we wanted it to look nice with the stainless steel appliances, vinyl plank floors, shaker style cabinets, and the granite countertops. The kitchen is one of most important rooms.

Compared to other materials, granite is durable and stands up to regular wear and tear. It is a very hard material. Actually, the only thing hard enough to scratch it is another piece of granite or a diamond. Careful not to drop something heavy on it. Granite has a risk of chipping.

Another distinction of granite is it's uniqueness. Your apartment is unique from all the others. That's because the placement of minerals in your countertop can't be reciprocated in another's. Your granite countertop is different than that of your neighbors.

A commonly known disadvantage to granite is the investment. Although, granite is appealing to the eye, it needs to be cared for.

If you've noticed, granite counters change color when they get wet. That's because granite is a natural substance, meaning it's porous. This means that it has lots of tiny holes in it. When you have water or other liquid on your granite counter, the liquid can be absorbed. This is why the granite will appear to be darker when it is wet.

Most liquids can stain or discolor your granite counter. Colored liquids are especially dangerous. This includes liquids such as wine or coffee. They can stain granite easily. Anything like cooking oil, fat, and grease can lead to discoloration - something you don't have to worry about.
You will never have to worry about staining the granite countertops.

To keep our granite looking it's best (for years to come), we've sealed it.

When granite is sealed, what's happening is liquids are being blocked from seeping into the granite. The sealer goes below the surface of the granite because granite is porous. It helps to keep any liquids out. Any liquid on a properly sealed granite will simply bead on the counter. Sealing also makes your counter more likely to resist dirt and spills, which can cause additional damage.

To tell whether it is time to reseal your granite counter, you should notice whether the counter gets darker when it is wet. If so, the seal needs to be redone so your granite can be fully protected. Protecting granite increases its longevity and makes it last longer than it would without protective measures.

Today, kitchens throughout most of the country are covered by granite. However, there was a time when granite was only seen in upscale homes. Now, we are incoorporating granite in apartments, townhomes, homes, and everything in-between.

Contact us today to schedule a tour and see the granite yourself. The pictures don't do it justice.