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Business Loyalty Goes Both Ways

  • Norhart


1 min read
Business Loyalty Goes Both Ways

For the employee, the workplace has become, seemingly transactional.

The mentality is, you pay me to do X, I do X.

When the task is done, what happens next is what’s important.

Sometimes, when organizations get what they needed from an employee, they move on – leaving the employee behind. The work has become menial, the momentum has died down and the employee no longer feels motivated.

The concept of climbing the corporate ladder leaves too much control in the hands of others. Therefore, more and more workers are driving their own careers.

If a company no longer suits their needs, they move on.

Let’s say an employee is looking for growth and advancement in an organization. Except, the position they’re in doesn’t really provide that. That employee will likely look elsewhere. Unless, that organization decides to do something about it.

While organizations depend on employee loyalty, they are also skeptical.

They are skeptical about the extent to which employees can be loyal.

Which, it all goes back to the behavior of the organization.

If loyalty isn’t received, it won’t be reciprocated.

Factors that limit an employee from being loyal:

  • Job characteristics
  • Job satisfaction
  • Management/leadership style
  • Length of service
  • Organization’s treatment of employees
  • Pay
  • Promotional opportunities at work
  • Training and development at work
  • Work culture

Employees that are loyal to an organization, are loyal because the organization want’s what’s best for that employee – and shows it.

Loyal Employees:

  • Do their job efficiently
  • Take pride in what they do
  • Are eager to learn
  • Avoid unnecessary risks

Loyal organizations:

  • Aren’t selfish and don’t stifle
  • Treat its employees as individuals
  • Care for employees’ lives outside of the business
  • Trust team members and show it

If an organization expects an employee to be loyal then the organization needs to serve their employee equally well (vice versa).

Remember, employees dedicate their days to helping organizations grow.

So, return the favor and give them the resources, tools, and information they need to grow. Appreciate them and treat them right and they might even turn into loyal advocates.