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Don’t Stop Believing; Keep on Dreaming

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

2 min read
Don’t Stop Believing; Keep on Dreaming

We are all going through something in life.

Something that may be casing additional stress, setback, or worry in our lives.

No matter the size of these things, keep moving forward.

Remember that these are only speedbumps on your journey to success.

Here are a few examples of people who never stopped believing, even though they had every reason to.

Michael Jordan
Was cut from his High School Basketball team and has since become one of the greatest basketball players of the game.

J.K. Rowling
The first Harry Potter novel was rejected 12 times.

She was told not to quit her day job.

Since then, she has written at least 24 books and is wealthier than even Queen Elizabeth II.

Walt Disney
After being told that he had a lack of good ideas, Walt was fired from his newspaper job.

He started an animation company, which later went bankrupt.

Today, there are nearly 150 Walt Disney movies, not to mention the theme parks in Florida and California as well as Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

Oprah Winfrey
Originally, was hired on as a co-anchor of the evening news but got let go after just a few months. She was later told that she was too slow at journalizing.

Now one might consider Oprah to be an American media executive, actress, talk show host, television producer and philanthropist.

Henry Ford
After quitting his day job and starting an automobile company with $150,000 of investor money, Henry Ford went bankrupt.

His investors lent him additional money to start another company, which too went bankrupt.

Third time’s the charm because with the help of his investors, his Ford Motor Company became a success with the invention of the assembly line and the release of the Model T.

The Beatles
Considering the band was from the United Kingdom, nearly every record label turned them down.

They were told that guitar groups are on the way out and that they wouldn’t have a future in show business.

With over 800 million records worldwide, they are the best-selling band in history and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.

Each of these people followed their dreams and never gave up. Imagine what you could do if you keep on dreaming.

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