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Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

  • Norhart


1 min read
Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

When you think of your boss, would you consider them a good leader?

Or, do you think of your boss as someone who just tells others what to do?

Although a boss and a leader have relatively the same definition, it’s how they do it that matters.

  • Rather than supervising your employees, inspire them.

  • Rather than giving answers, encourage others to be innovative.

  • Rather than expecting results, appreciate their hard work.

  • Rather than always having a final say, trust them to make good decisions.

  • Rather than speaking first, listen to the opinions of others.

  • Rather than finding areas to criticize, uplift their spirits.

  • Rather than blaming others, take responsibility.

  • And, rather than focusing on yourself, focus on the team.

These differences between a boss and a leader seem simple, or to some they sound like common sense. Except, just because it’s simple doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy.

The primary goal for leaders is to create more leaders. Acting as a leader, sets the framework for others to grow.

When the boss acts like a leader, others will be encouraged to follow, eventually setting the stage for a great working environment.

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