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US Congressman Pete Stauber visits Norhart

  • Gabi Balbuena
  • Justin Bartak

Gabi Balbuena, Justin Bartak

2 min read
US Congressman Pete Stauber visits Norhart

Norhart is a real estate development company in the Minneapolis/St Paul Metro Area. We build and manage exceptional apartments and are driven by the idea of creating a better way for us all to live. We are committed to reducing the cost of housing by streamlining the construction process and optimizing the use of resources.

Today, March 17th, 2023, we received a visit from US Congressman Pete Stauber as a testament to Norhart's innovative approach to solving the housing affordability crisis in America.

Congressman Pete Stauber is a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee member and has strongly advocated for creating affordable housing for families nationwide. Norhart is excited to have him visit our facility and learn more about our nationwide mission to eliminate the housing crisis. Here is how we are executing our plans!

"We are thrilled to host Congressman Pete Stauber and showcase our apartment manufacturing facility. Our mission is to eliminate the housing affordability crisis, and we believe that innovation and technology are the keys to achieving that goal. We are excited to show Congressman Stauber how we make a real difference in the construction industry." - Norhart CEO, Mike Kaeding
  1. Design Optimization: Norhart employs a team of architects and engineers who work together to create building designs that are optimized for construction efficiency, energy efficiency, and durability. By using innovative materials, automation, and construction methods, we can reduce the overall construction cost while ensuring the finished product's quality. We are looking to disrupt the Construction Industry!
  2. Prefabrication: Norhart uses prefabricated building components, such as wall panels, precast, and floor systems, manufactured off-site at our various production plants. This approach reduces waste and enables us to complete construction projects faster and more consistently. We believe our prefabrication process takes us leaps and bounds ahead of most subcontractors
  3. Lean Construction: Norhart employs a lean construction approach emphasizing efficiency and continuous process improvement. We are using EVE, our manufacturing plant, combined with innovation to transform how construction is done. This results in a 20-30% reduction in the cost of housing. At scale, this approach could achieve a 50% reduction in cost.
  4. Technology: We use technology to streamline the construction process and reduce costs. Also, we work with virtual reality tools to visualize designs and identify potential issues before construction begins. We use building information modeling (BIM) software to improve communication and collaboration among team members. Norhart is automation-driven!

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