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Staying Home In Your Apartment For The Holidays Can Have perks!

  • Lindsay Ferris Martin

Lindsay Ferris Martin

1 min read
Staying Home In Your Apartment For The Holidays Can Have perks!
Putting the Heart into your Holidays with Norhart Apartment Living

There’s no place like home for the holidays. Are you singing that right now as you read it (I hope so!)? If so, you’re not alone. Ten to one, you’ve heard that song repeatedly this holiday season and from seasons past. It’s a classic because so many of us connect to that song.

We think about packing the car or bags, heading home to be with family, and performing decades-old traditions.

Like many of us, you’ll likely start your traditional holiday events on Christmas eve, going to church, whipping up grandma’s famous recipe, and adding presents under the tree (who does not love that!).

Then the following day is Christmas, whoo hoo! You wake up early if you have kids! You pour a cup of coffee into your favorite holiday mug while the family unwraps gifts (Love that!).

Then, on Christmas day, you continue with all your favorite family traditions you do year after year. Many of us will likely make 1-3 Christmas day visits. Then, when it’s all over, you’ll look back on the day, feel warm with nostalgia, and be completely exhausted.

However, staying home in your apartment for the holidays can have perks, too! You get to curate the menu, create your traditions, control when people arrive at your house, and, even more importantly, let them know when to leave, which magically allows you more flexibility to enjoy the holidays your way.

It’s like having the home-field advantage. For many of us, staying at home for the holidays means blending nostalgia with new Holiday traditions 2.0 style!

Has staying home in your apartment for the holidays brought you tidings of great joy?

Tell us about your favorite holiday traditions; we wanna hear about them!


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