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Yeah, That Just Happened. Norhart Throws Down A Workplace Challenge!

  • Justin Bartak

Justin Bartak

1 min read
Yeah, That Just Happened. Norhart Throws Down A Workplace Challenge!
Norhart Workplace Transperancy Challenge

Have you ever had a dream job turn out to be a nightmare? You were told how amazing the culture, benefits, and teams were; but, did they tell you about what the company needs to improve? How about hearing firsthand from employees about their experiences? Probably not. Coming into a organization and losing trust in them when not experiencing what you’re promised leads to a very unhappy workforce.

So, how do we fix this in the workplace? One word, TRANSPERANCY. Norhart has been working hard to be totally transparent about what it’s like to work for the company (recently winning a Top Workplace 2022 award) and wants to challenge other companies to do the same. We disclosed our employee’s positive and negative engagement survey comments for the world to read right on our website! You read that right, we aren’t just preaching about the amazing qualities (we’d be happy to tell you about those too, just ask), but also the negatives straight from our employees.

Being totally transparent will help job seekers find the best fit, leading to overall happier workplaces. Who doesn’t want to be happy?

Norhart is challenging all companies to post both their positive and negative employee comments, so people get a true sense of where they are coming to work. Will your company take the challenge?!? if so let us know!

And hey, if you’re looking for an amazing and transparent company, learn more at: We’re always hiring  great talent!