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The Truth About Raising Kids in an Apartment

  • Norhart


4 min read
The Truth About Raising Kids in an Apartment

Living in an apartment is considered a smart and budget-friendly idea when you live as a single or a newlywed.

However, at the mere mention of kids, people usually start asking the age-old question - are you looking for a house? The idea of raising kids in an apartment is a scary one for many people.

After all, it doesn't coincide with the usual ideal of a white picket fence and a golden retriever in the backyard.
The truth is that you don't have to miss out on anything if you are planning to bring up your kids in an apartment - quite the contrary. You can raise a perfectly healthy and happy family even if you are living in a small space.

Top reasons for raising kids in an apartment

It doesn't matter whether you have just found out that you are pregnant or are a parent of a school-aged child - the thought of moving has undoubtedly crossed your mind once or twice.

But there is no reason to disrupt your life. There are many benefits of raising your kids in an apartment. Besides, moving is something kids usually dislike, so you would be disrupting their life, as well as yours.

Instead, spend your time focusing on the numerous advantages of apartment living, and you'll find yourself enjoying every second of every day.

There is less of everything

There are fewer toys, less mess, fewer clothes - you name it.

The truth about apartment living is that it's a much simpler form of life than the alternative.

Even if you want to pile up items, you won't have space for it. That doesn't mean that you won't have enough room for normal daily functionality. It just means that you will have to be smart about the way you use it.

Let's take your child's toys as an example. All kids need toys for a happy and carefree childhood. However, by living in an apartment, you will be much more cautious about the genuinely essential items. You'll buy your child enough toys, but you'll also be smart about the way you store them and think of some smart storage ideas.

There is no doubt that you will find the right place to keep all the toys and develop smart and responsible shopping habits. Just think of all the money you will be able to save!

You have a greater financial flexibility

Living in a beautiful four-bedroom house is terrific - but can your bank account handle the strain of owning such a home?

The beauty of raising children in an apartment is the fact that you'll have much more money left over at the end of the month. Usually, a house will require constant maintenance and renovation.

It goes without saying that you can't and won't let your apartment go, but it's a fact that you won't have to invest as much money as you would in a house.

With more money in your bank account, you'll be able to enjoy life more. From the joy of traveling overseas with your child to eating high-quality and organic foods, you'll be able to experience a much better quality of life. It's all about estimating what makes you happier and going down that route.

Greater sense of security

Security levels will vary from one apartment building to another.

However, if you did a good job when buying or renting an apartment in the first place, it's safe to assume that you are living in a secure area.

That's just one of the extra benefits of raising kids in an apartment - you get to enjoy a greater sense of safety and security.

Most apartments have security gates and a secure entry to the building. Not only is the chance of any break-ins reduced this way, but you can be much more peaceful knowing that your child can't just run out into the street.

Many people report that they feel much safer living in an apartment building when compared to living in a house. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

A greater connection with your family

Like it or not, the entire family will have to spend time together when living in an apartment. Usually, apartments don't allow enough room for every family member to have their own space.

It is both a flaw and an advantage, and we choose to see it as the latter. With limited space, you and your spouse will have to spend more quality time with your kids, which will help you form a stronger bond.

There are so many fun and exciting activities that you could do when spending the time together. From board games to charades, you never have to spend a dull moment during family time.

The other side of the medal

We won't lie to you - not everything will be butterflies and rainbows when living in an apartment with a family. There are times when you will feel so cooped up in the apartment that you will have to go out even for a little while.

Moreover, if you are unfortunate enough to be living with loud neighbors, you might have a huge problem when having a newborn or a toddler, as they will keep waking up.

Finally, with so little space and a building full of neighbors, you won't be able to hide a bad day. The entire building will hear you if you have an outburst that happens even to the best of us.

So what should you do?

Well, you should give raising kids in an apartment a good thought. There are many perks and downsides of living with your kids in an apartment, and there's no saying which ones will prevail.

Every person is different, and every family is unique. After all, if your kids are old enough, you might as well ask them what they prefer. Many parents consider their child's opinion when making this decision.