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Ways to Make the Most of your Apartment Balcony

  • Norhart


4 min read
Ways to Make the Most of your Apartment Balcony

Most people would agree that having a balcony is a great advantage.

For some, it is even a deciding factor when exploring apartments to buy or rent. They will tell you this is their favorite spot in their home - a place to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, read a book, or take care of plants.

However, leading a busy lifestyle or being preoccupied with other responsibilities, many miss that opportunity. Very often, the main reason behind this is a lack of outdoor space. If you can relate to this and have finally decided to make some changes and utilize the precious balcony space, keep reading.

We bring you the most practical ways to make the most of your tiny apartment balcony.

Start with Decluttering

As mentioned above, the biggest problem and the most demotivational factor in not enjoying your balcony space is the jumble of stuff that, somehow, over time, piled up there.

Getting rid of most of the unwanted items should, therefore, be your first step. Not only will you maximize the space, but you will improve your mood and bring back your I-have-a-balcony enthusiasm, as well.

Come up with a Theme

The outcome of your endeavor will seem much more satisfying once you come up with a theme for your tiny balcony. By instilling a sense of balance, uniformity, and harmony in any area, you will achieve better space organization.

On top of that, the overall ambiance of the spot will be more enjoyable. Keep in mind that your options are numerous if you are creative enough, no matter how limited space is. Here are some ideas.

Reading or Writing Nook

If you are a passionate reader or a writer, there is no better place for these activities than your tiny balcony. Especially if you are a lover of the outdoors who needs to keep up with a writing schedule - this way, you can do both. The fresh air will certainly give you a boost of energy and inspiration.

Hang out Spot

Adding a few comfortable chairs or lazy bags and a perfectly sized coffee table will help you create a cozy area for socializing. Additional decorations or a hammock will brighten up space.

We guarantee that your friends will be delighted, as well. And the best part is - tiny balconies are much easier to clean up after the guests leave than spacious living rooms.

Perfect in-home Storage

If your entire apartment is on the small side, you should consider using every inch of your space. Turning your balcony into in-home storage could be a rather practical solution.

All you need to do is free up the area, add some shelves and cabinets, and decide on the storing scheme. Remember to keep everything in order, or else your improvised storage unit will quickly turn back into chaos.

Turn your Balcony into a Garden

Have you ever dreamed about owning a garden but could never fulfill that fantasy because you live in an apartment in the middle of a city?

Well, now you can. Buy some decorative pots, some soil, and seeds of your choice, and turn your tiny balcony into an in-home garden. Add a nice rocking chair or a swing, and enjoy your very own piece of heaven.

The Magic is in the Details

If you haven't realized by now, it is the details that define a space. By being resourceful about your furniture and decorations, you will further improve and visually widen the area.
• Multi-purpose and foldable furniture – these pieces were invented to maximize the given space. With only a couple of multipurpose pieces, you can fulfill both the practical and the aesthetical requirements of your tiny balcony. Foldable chairs, multipurpose closets, and tables are just some of the examples.
• Tasteful decorations - after you arrange the furniture and other main elements, it is time to decorate. Choose the tasteful decoration that goes well with the general idea or theme. Opting for something that portrays your personality is always a good choice. Also, minimalism is still in fashion and can be a safe card to play.
• Lights and mirrors - these can help you make the most of your tiny apartment balcony. Mirrors will seemingly enlarge the area, and lights will set the mood. Whether you choose modern bulbs or you opt for candles, lightning will make a difference.

A Balcony Can Help you Gain Profit

If you are subletting, you definitely want to make the most of your tiny apartment balcony.

If you are new to the renting world or expecting new tenants, try to have your rental transformed with some modifications. Upgrading your rental will attract more potential tenants and might even help you set a better price.

Don't leave your outdoor space out of this makeover. A well-arranged, decorated, and above all functional balcony will surely be of help.

For Better Results - Enjoy What you Do

Finally, redecorating your tiny balcony should be an enjoyable time-pass and not a chore.

If you see this task as unwanted additional work, you should better leave it to professionals. The project will, most likely, be as successful as you are enthusiastic about it. Most of the time, the most beautiful designs are created out of love.

So, consider your aspirations and interests once you decide to make the most of your tiny apartment balcony. Keep in mind that your balcony should be your place of comfort and relaxation.