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Go Vertical: Creative Storage Solutions for Apartments

  • Norhart


4 min read
Go Vertical: Creative Storage Solutions for Apartments

Since you are here and looking for creative storage solutions, your small apartment is probably crowded, cramped, and more disorganized than ever.

No matter where you live, you are going to run out of room for all your precious belongings - it is a law of nature!

This is because we, humans, are material creatures. We love our material things, and we tend to collect and hold on to them as if our lives depended on them.

This is why people resort to building extra room for their items or to renting self-storage solutions. Some even turn to extremes - donations, selling, giving away, or even throwing their things away.

But, there is no need for that just yet! First, take a look up and see whether there is empty vertical space throughout your home.

If there is, consider trying out some of the following creative solutions for small apartments.


Stacking your stuff vertically is not a new idea to anybody. Still, people tend to avoid it as stacking usually implies a never-ending nightmare of trying to reach the items on the bottom and then facing a big collapse. But, with a bit of organization and creativity, it does not have to be like that!

Stack with a plan in your mind! Create stack solutions that will enable you to utilize all the vertical space in your home.

You can invest in shelving systems that go from your floor to your ceiling and put almost anything there - that is a number one solution for small space living! So, stack as high as you can.

Use Lofty Furniture

A lot of people are not familiar with lofty furniture. But that is a shame as lofty furniture can both modernize your interior and make it more practical.

If you are unsure what this type of furniture is, imagine this picture - a bunk bed, but only the top bed is kept while the bottom of it is turned into a desk or closet. That way, you can use up all the vertical space practically.

You can be creative with your lofty furniture. As long as you rise your bed, you can put anything underneath - a place for working, playing, storing, etc.

Be playful and creative with that vertical space, but make sure everything remains functional and space-saving.

Plant Vertical Gardens

If you have a green thumb and if having plants in your apartment is a must, why not consider planting a vertical garden?

It is a much better alternative than cluttering your floors, shelves, and windowsills. You can buy pre-made vertical garden systems for your wall or make one yourself. All you need is a couple of hooks as well as some hangable pots.

Do not give up on your plant hobby just because you live in a tiny apartment. As you can see, creating an in-home garden has never been easier! Try it out and see what a huge difference it will make in your small home.

Add Improvised Vertical Storage

There are many vertical storage solutions you can try out in your small apartment.

Stacking shelves and lofty furniture pieces are the simplest and the most practical ideas. But why not try to think outside of the box? You can, for example, add storage above your bed, your toilet, or behind those hanging mirrors. Use the vertical space people usually leave empty.

Moreover, you do not necessarily have to use shelves and different kinds of furniture on your walls; you can also use hooks.

Hooks can come in handy if you have many hats, caps, scarves, or other bulky items. You can even hang your bicycle or a snowboard on a couple of hooks in your hallway.

Embrace Open Shelving

Who says that practical storage solutions have to be only that? Why not try to make everything look tasteful? It is easier than it sounds.

You place open shelves in any area of your home. And, you can go as high as you want with them. The trick with open shelves is not to store just anything in there but to place things that look aesthetically pleasing.

For instance, you can display your china, books, various figurines, art pieces, and even hanging plants.

Since open shelves are, of course, open, you should pay attention to what you store in there. Keep in mind that you cannot put just any miscellany there - it will turn your home into a mess. Therefore, if you realize the temptation to fill them up with just anything, it’s time to clean out your junk.

You should declutter and ret rid of all the junk that doesn't belong inside your place as soon as possible. But, if you just have to keep it for some reason, you can buy some nice-looking baskets and keep the junk in there.

Use the Door Space

There are many benefits of living in an apartment, but having enough room is not one of those benefits. However, as you have seen, there are many tricks you can do to make more room for your precious belongings.

And, let us share one more with you, one that probably hasn't even crossed your mind - using the space around your doors.

When you think about it, doors are bulky, and they tend to use up a lot of space. If you want to utilize that space, you can put the previously mentioned hooks and turn your doors into a hat stand, for example.

You can even put some small shelves and store various little knick-knacks there. This same trick can be applied to the 'doors' of your cabinets, fridge, etc.

As you can see, there are many creative storage solutions apartments. You just have to use your imagination, do a bit of researching to get a few ideas, and you will be good to go; enjoy your home.

Leave the desperate measures for the more desperate times, because now is not the time.