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Travel Constipation: 5 Smart Ways To Avoid It

  • Norhart


4 min read
Travel Constipation: 5 Smart Ways To Avoid It

Everybody these days has a hectic routine and wants to relax and unwind. Taking a week off is a great idea and well-deserved too. You have made all the plans and got out on your journey, but what if you still don't feel that great? What if you are continually feeling gassy, bloated, and even have a bit of stomach pain?

The trouble you face is known as travel constipation, and it's a common condition faced by many people. But what exactly is travel constipation, and how can you avoid it? Read on to find the answers.

What Exactly Is Travel Constipation?

Though there are multiple definitions of constipation, generally, when you do not have bowel movements for about three to four days a week, it can be considered constipation. Also, getting small and hard stools that cause significant discomfort while defecation is considered constipation. Many people who don't usually suffer from constipation end up doing so during travel. For them, getting proper bowel movements in a new place becomes an impossible task. And, there can be multiple factors that might be contributing to this condition.

For instance, not having enough water or sudden daily routine changes might be the leading reason for travel constipation. To add to that, you tend to ignore your daily exercise routine and have significant changes in your eating schedule during your vacation. The trouble you face with your bowel movements is a result of all of these factors. Thus, these are also the aspects that you need to look into to keep constipation at bay while traveling.

Rather than relying on medicines to prevent travel constipation, you can try the following five ways to keep it at bay.

1. Bring CBD Oil with You on Your Vacations

One of CBD oil’s lesser-known benefits is that it helps relieve constipation by making it easy to help food and roughages pass through the gut. So, if you have travel constipation, think about CBDfx and its CBD oil products to get some relief from the discomfort. Instead of relying on over-the-counter medications, it's better to rely on CBD as a natural laxative that softens stools and makes them easy to pass.

2. Drink Loads of Water and Clear Fluids

Though this will not completely relieve you of constipation, it will at least soften the stools, making them easy to pass.

Dehydration is a leading cause of constipation. So, have loads of water, fruit juices, and clear fluids to remain hydrated throughout the day. It's best to avoid having a lot of caffeinated beverages or alcohol since both can dehydrate you. You should make yourself drink more water than usual, as traveling tends to increase dehydration.


3. Avoid Including Extra Fiber in Your Diet

Having foods rich in fiber when facing dehydration might significantly increase constipation and abdominal bloating. It is true that even when you are traveling, you should try to follow a healthy diet with enough fruits and veggies. But there is no need to eat more fiber than your usual amount.

You can have about one to two servings of vegetables and the same quantities of fruits daily. As it is not easy to find healthy snacks to munch on the go, plan your snacks ahead of time.

4. Try to Follow Your Daily Schedule While Traveling

Though there is no firm scientific evidence to suggest that human bodies have distinct biorhythms, it seems like everyone has some kind of inner clock to influence things like hunger, sleep, and bowel movements. Following your daily schedule as closely as you can, is immensely helpful to your bowel movement.

So, try to keep your bedtime and meal schedule as close to your habits at home as possible. Similarly, if you go pooping at a particular time every day when you're at home, make sure to stick to that routine when traveling.

Do not skip breakfast at any cost as healthy and ample breakfast releases some hormones in the body, which helps you clear the bowel movements. Having a hot drink like a glass of hot water or tea on an empty stomach is also useful.


Find Ways to Get Some Workout Done Regularly

Maybe you try to go for a walk, jog or swim every day at home, but following that workout routine becomes a problem when you are traveling. Traveling involves a lot of sitting, be it in the airports, trains, or cars. A bit of light exercising might just be the thing that your digestive system needs to keep going.

You might walk around the airport a bit while waiting for the plane. Make road stops if you are traveling by your car, and stretch your body a little. Use hotel gyms and swimming pools to get some exercise in.

Summing Up

Travel constipation is a significant issue most people face, but you don't have to let it ruin your fun. Follow the five tips given here, and you will be able to bid goodbye to constipation without the need for any medication. But in case the problem worsens, consult a doctor.