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7 Tips To Help Your Dog Adjust After Moving

  • Norhart


5 min read
7 Tips To Help Your Dog Adjust After Moving

When you move to a new place, the anxiety can get to you.

It can be stressfull moving to a new neighborhood and shopping by the 'new' regular grocery store. But with time, we start to merge in the surroundings, and we get comfortable.

If not anything, we have our friends and family at a video call's distance.

But what about our dogs?

Do you know they might also get uncomfortable when they move from one house to another? The moving might disrupt their sleeping patterns, and they might even feel homesick.

Here are seven tips to help your dog adjust after you move to a new home.

Take Them For A Look Around

Once you move to a new place, don't just sit inside and be on the phone all the time. Instead, take out some time from your busy schedule and take your dog out for a walk. Get them familiar with the surroundings and make them comfortable with your neighbors.

Make it a routine for you and your dog to go on a walk every day. This may be done in the evening, after suppers, or in the morning, if you are a morning person. Ensure that you don’t miss out on daily walks to keep your pet active and to familiarize him with the new surroundings. For rainy seasons, get a waterproof dog raincoat for your furry pal.

Apart from that, choose to teach basic etiquette and dog manners to your pet for the new place. You should know that all people don't welcome dogs with an open heart.

No Point Of Hiding Anything

When your puppy stays 24*7 with you, there's no point in hiding anything from them. Many dogs get anxious when they see the packing boxes and tapes. They get a glimpse of the times when you went on a vacay and left them at a friend's or a boarding house for dogs. Dogs don't like to leave without their lovely human friends.

So if you think that you will hide all the packing essentials from your pup and show them to your dog on the final moving day, you are probably wrong. You should try to make them comfortable with the packing process. Start by packing a couple of boxes in front of your pet, well in advance of the moving day. Your dog would know that you are shifting houses on a moving day, and they won't behave differently.

Don't Bother To Change The Crate.

If your dog is pretty attached to their old house and old habits, you need to take care of their sentiments. We know that everyone loves the feeling of having everything new around yourself when you are in a new house. But this article is to make your dog more comfortable. So for their sake, please do not throw away their crate, wash it, or purchase a new bed for them.

You must shift the older crate or bed to your new house and set it up for your dog. Although this kind of gesture won't match the comfort of the old house, it's still something that you should do to make your pet comfortable.

Keep Them Entertained

A great way to adjust your dog to a new house is to take their mind off the normalcy. Break your routine, take them out on a beach, or take them out on a treasure hunt. You can also get your dog a ball and play fetch.

Moreover, introduce your dog to some new friendly dogs in the neighborhood. Who knows, he might make some new buddies?

You can also arrange for a playdate for your pet. Call over friends and family members with pets for an awesome play date.

Let Them Explore

Now that you and your dog are in a new home, they need to know that you trust them. They need to gain your trust in new surroundings. The best way to do so is to give them their space and leave them alone for a day.

You should plan a day out without your dog and just let your dog explore the new home. Leave some of your dog's favorite snacks, along with the basic necessity, water.

You can keep the TV on so that they don’t feel lonely. If you want to keep an eye on them, it's always a good idea to keep your CCTVs on all the time. Nowadays, you can check live camera footage from your smartphone without any issue. So wherever you are, you can keep an eye on your pup.

See what your dog does when you leave it alone. Observe their favorite pastime activities in the new home, and try to do the same with them once you get back home.

To stay on the safer side, you should microchip your dog before you leave them alone for the first time in a new place. This will ensure that you know where your dog is, even if he manages to escape.

Take Care Of The Changing Weather

Suppose you are moving geographically far from your earlier place of stay. In that case, the possibilities are that there will be some change in the overall climate and weather.

If you move into a hot place, make sure that you place an air humidifier cum cooler for your dog or let them stay in the air-conditioner. On the contrary, on moving to a colder place, give your dog optimum insulation against the cold. Our pets can't say it upfront, but who loves to stay in changing environments?

A Day's Break

After you move houses, you will need a day to arrange your luggage into your new home's storage spaces. That one day, send your dog to the daycare or a boarding kennel house. Let them play with other dogs and spend some quality time eating their favorite snacks.

This way, they won't get nervous and behave oddly when they see the whole load unpacking and being arranged.


It's great that you read our complete guide on making your dog comfortable after moving houses. Now we know that you genuinely care for your pup, and their happiness matters to you. Follow our seven tips to help your dog adjust after moving houses.