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5 Herbal Teas For Treating Insomnia

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2 min read
5 Herbal Teas For Treating Insomnia

Are you having trouble sleeping at night and want a herbal remedy to treat your insomnia?

The fast-paced urban life and mounting work pressure make it increasingly difficult for people to get good sleep at night.

While artificial medications can help you fall asleep, herbal teas can be a holistic alternative remedy.

Read on and learn everything about using herbal teas before bedtime for a good sleep.

Which herbal teas can help treat insomnia?

Tea is a trendy drink for its calming effects.

When you try herbal tea before bed, it can calm your mind and help you get good sleep.

Here are five herbal teas for those who struggle to sleep at night:

1. Lemongrass Tea

Citrusy and lemony, this tea has plenty of benefits to brag about.

It’s also a longtime folk remedy for inducing sleep, alleviating pain, and boosting immunity. Sip and be well.

You can also try shrooms tea for insomnia.
2. Chamomile Tea
Chamomile tea must be your go-to choice for insomnia.

The tea contains bio-flavonoid compounds, which are known for their calming effects and inducing sleep.

One such compound is known as apigenin. It is highly effective in reducing your anxiety and causing sedation.

Drinking chamomile tea can not only make you feel drowsy but also improve the quality of sleep.

3. Lavender Tea

Is stress, anxiety, or depression hindering you from falling asleep?

If yes, then you can try lavender tea.

The herb lavender reduces stress, tension, and even fatigue by interacting with a neurotransmitter called GABA.

Moreover, tea can also help reduce stress and induce sleep.

4. Valerian Root Tea

People have been consuming valerian root for centuries due to its therapeutic benefits.

When brewed as a tea, valerian root can increase sleepiness and reduce anxiety or stress. Like lavender, valerian root tea interacts with the GABA neurotransmitter, making it a natural sedative.

It might help regulate your mood by promoting the production of serotonin.

5. Peppermint Tea

Along with soothing aroma and flavor, peppermint tea can also work wonders for people combating insomnia.

Peppermint is a muscle relaxant, which can help take away the stress on your body, and you feel more relaxed. It can induce sleepiness even if you are incredibly sleep-deprived.

Add a little honey to amplify the relaxing properties.

Final Thoughts

If you struggle to sleep for long and are tired of trying different medicines, it is time to opt for a natural way. You can drink 3-4 cups of herbal teas in a day to treat insomnia organically. So, get various types of herbal tea today and say goodbye to insomnia.