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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving to a Different State

  • Norhart


5 min read
10 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving to a Different State

Moving is stressful enough.

Having to move to another state can be even worse.

Even though making mistakes is human, making mistakes when relocating to a different state can be costly. It can cost you time, money, nerves, and energy.

Therefore, do your best and try to avoid these 10 common mistakes when relocating to a new state.

1. Not researching the moving company

There are plenty of moving companies, and since you are relocating to a different state, it is understandable that you need to hire movers rather than pack up your staff and rent a truck.

However, not every moving company is reliable and licensed. There are some scam companies out there pulling shady deals.

Let’s say you’re moving to Minnesota from New Jersey, you shouldn't hire the first moving company that comes up in your search. Instead, call up a few different companies for information, and remember to read reviews. Do your research and find a reputable moving company that you can trust; It’ll make moving a lot easier.

2. Moving without a checklist

It is a well-known fact that proper organization is the key to successful state-to-state move.

One of the biggest mistakes is to start preparing for the move without a clear plan or strategy about how to organize your relocation and how to arrange all those tasks in terms of priority. A good moving checklist will have many crucial purposes at the same time:

• you will lose a lot of time when starting and finishing random jobs without a plan, thus a moving checklist will keep you focused on the tasks at hand
• it will keep you motivated by assuring you that your goal is near with each completed task
• it will save you from stressing out since you will know that you'll be able to complete preparations for relocation on time.

3. Not having enough time

Packing for a relocation is by far the most time-consuming task you will ever face during the move.

One of the common mistakes when relocating is underestimating the time it takes to pack your stuff. You might know how to pack quickly, but if you start packing with days or even weeks of delay, it will lead you to stress when you realize that you don't have enough time to pack all of your belongings.

Be realistic, plan your packing, and add on another day if you have a lot of delicate items that will need to be carefully wrapped and stored. With thorough planning, you will make sure everything is ready for your moving day.

4. Buying brand new boxes

One of the common mistakes to avoid when relocating to another state is spending a fortune on cardboard boxes.

Buying one box is not expensive, but given that you will need a lot of boxes, approximately 40 to 50, to pack up all of your belonging, then you can see why buying new boxes is a huge mistake.

There are surprisingly easy ways for moving without purchasing all those packing boxes. Most of the cardboard boxes or even all you can find for free if you just ask for them. If you ask for boxes in your local liquor stores, supermarkets, or bookstores, they will probably give the boxes that are solid and can hold a lot of weight. You can also ask your friends, colleagues, and neighbors whether they have any boxes they don’t need.

5. Forgetting to pack a moving essentials bag

You probably know the situation when you can't find the most important thing that you need after a move. That is why you should pack a moving essentials bag, where you will put all the items you can't afford to lose or the items you know you will need on a moving day.

So, choose a bag and fill it with necessities such as a wallet, keys, important documents, medications, basic toiletry, charges, and change of clothes. And you will be glad that you did it.

6. Keeping everything

The best moving tip ever is that there's no better time than during the relocation to edit down your personal belongings.

Try to make the moving fun and sort through your belongings and simply get rid of the thing you no longer need. The less stuff you have, the better, because you can save time, money, and effort.

You can sort the items you don't need to donate, recycle, and toss piles.

7. Boxes without lables

Labeling boxes is an essential part of moving.

Don't forget to use markers and tapes when you are packing your thing, because this will help you to organize your stuff better. Plus, it will save you time while unpacking, because you will know what things are included in each box.

8. Forgetting to set up utilities

Moving day is generally long and exhausting. However, it can get even worse, if you come to your new home and find out that the lights won't turn on because you forgot to set up the utilities.

If you move during the weekend, you will need to wait until Monday to make a call to your new utility company. So, be smart and not make this mistake when relocating.

9. Not budgeting

It is impossible to know the exact cost of your move, especially when you are relocating state-to-state, but it is smart to get a general idea of what your move is going to cost you.

Figure out how much you will probably spend based on the amount of stuff you have and the distance you are going to travel. Don’t forget to include additional costs on top of that, like packing supplies and potential days off of work.

10. Forgetting about the insurance

Another mistake to avoid when relocating is not to purchase adequate insurance for the valuable items you own. Don't make this mistake and discuss your insurance options with your chosen movers and choose the liability coverage that works best for you.

Your move to another state does not have to be a stressful experience. Prepare ahead and avoid these 10 common mistakes when relocating, state-to-state. Even though the surprises can still happen, you will at least know you have covered the basics.