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How to Disinfect Your Bathroom

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5 min read
How to Disinfect Your Bathroom

Due to its purpose, a bathroom can never be too clean.

Bathrooms are used to maintain our personal hygiene, so it is clear that the room in which we clean our teeth, bodies, and hair should be spotless.

How often should we clean it? Well, the answer depends on your personal needs and the sensitivity level of the members of your family who share this room with you.

In general, cleaning your bathroom once or twice a week should be enough, but you should also disinfect your bathroom at least once a month.

Let us take a look at how to disinfect your bathroom effectively.

Cleaning the sink

The bathroom sink can accumulate even more dirt and bacteria than the toilet.

Toothpaste buildup, along with remains of the soap and hair, tend to make the perfect surroundings for all sorts of germs.

The best way to clean your bathroom sink thoroughly is to spray it with the disinfectant cleaner and leave it for as long as it is required on the package.
You can use a sponge to wipe it, then rinse and let dry.

When cleaning your sink, don't forget to wash the outer sides of it too. Think about how many times those are touched with dirty hands, especially if you have kids.

Cleaning the toilet only takes several minutes

The toilet bowl is, logically, one of the dirtiest places in your home. It (and its dirtiness) alone shows the importance of knowing how to disinfect your bathroom.

For this action, you need toilet bowl cleaning liquid and a toilet brush. First, you apply the product and let it sit for several minutes, and then you scrub the inside of the toilet bowl using the toilet brush. All that is left to do now is to flush the toilet and your bowl will be clean and sparkling white.

When it comes to cleaning the toilet seat and the lid, be careful when choosing the product since some can make the plastic parts go yellow.

Naturally, the toilet seat should be cleaned regularly and more often than the bowl, especially if you have small children in your household.

Speaking of children, you can never be too careful when keeping cleaning products out of their reach. That is one of the basic rules when babyproofing your home which you really need to respect.

How to get the spotless bathtub?

All the dirt from your body eventually ends up in your bathtub. Sure, most of it is carried away by water, but a certain amount remains on the walls of your tub.

To make your tub clean and shiny, you should use a bathroom cleaning product that is proper for the material your tub is made of. For better results, you should try cleaners with micro-scrubbing particles.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results and make sure that your bathtub is rinsed thoroughly after cleaning.

If you have just run out of disinfectant and still need to clean your tub or a sink, you can do this with some washing powder that you use for keeping your clothes clean. The powder has a scrubbing effect, plus your bathroom will smell amazing. This tip we got from Best Cross Country Movers It’s a nice trick to use if you want to refresh your bathroom before you organize open house visits.

What about the tiles?

A regular bathroom cleaning routine often does not include cleaning all the tiles and grout. However, those should be cleaned from time to time, too.

Calcium deposits can often appear on bathroom tiles due to their constant contact with water. These deposits are not only an eyesore, but also a serious source of bacteria and germs.

When not cleaned regularly, the tile grout tends to become yellow and mold can often appear. To prevent this, you should use chlorine bleach solutions and a stiff brush. You can opt for a store-bought product or you can make it by yourself (simply mix one-quarter of a cup chlorine bleach with 1l of water). After applying the liquid evenly, leave it for a few minutes and scrub until you get the effect you want.

You can combine sodium citrate and dishwashing liquid to make the solution for cleaning limescale from tiles in your bathroom. The product is very efficient for degreasing, so it can be used for kitchen cleaning as well.

Disinfecting your bathroom floors

The best way to clean your bathroom is starting from the top and going downwards. That leaves the floor for the end of your cleaning routine.

Disinfecting your bathroom floor is extremely important if you have children or family members with a suppressed immune system in your household.

Bleach-containing cleanser might be the best solution, but you should check whether it is good for your type of floor. After all, bleach can damage the high gloss tiles, and caring for granite is not the same as caring for other materials.

How to disinfect the high-touch areas in your bathroom

Some areas in your home are touched more often than the others.

The appearance of the new coronavirus reminds us of how important it is to take extra care of our personal hygiene. The measures to prevent the infection from spreading like wildfire include washing our hands more often than we usually would and keeping our working and living areas clean.

Here are some high-touch areas in your bathroom you should keep disinfected at all times, especially now:
• bathroom door handle - make a habit of cleaning it with disinfecting wipe or a cloth dampened with disinfecting liquid several times a day;
• faucets - since we wash our hands more than usually, we also use the faucets more;
• toilet flush button - often forgotten, but it is one of the high-traffic areas.

Safety tips

Whether you are disinfecting or simply cleaning your bathroom, you should wear rubber gloves and clothes that cover your arms and legs.
Keep your eyes and the entire face protected at all times since many cleaning products can burn your skin and cause serious damage to your eyesight.

You should keep your windows and door opened during cleaning since many products have poisonous fumes. Any other type of ventilation will do if you do not have a window in your bathroom.

Keep you and your family safe, by staying clean.