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9 Surprisingly Easy Ways For Moving In A New Apartment

  • Norhart


3 min read
9 Surprisingly Easy Ways For Moving In A New Apartment

They say change is as good as rest.

Moving to a new apartment brings a good type of change. It’s refreshing and exciting, to say the least, but we all know moving can be a daunting task with all the unpacking and organizing stuff.

It, however, does not have to be a task to dread. Moving can be more fun and more easy, should you follow the suggestions below.

1. The less the better

We all have a lot of stuff that we don’t use but are holding on to because of the sentimental value they give us.

One thing that will help you move to your new apartment with ease is to get rid of the things that you do not use. You can donate some, and sell the rest.

The fewer the things that you have, the easier it will get to unpack and organize.

2. Ensure the apartment is ready

Imagine moving into your new apartment and the first thing you have to do is clean, let alone the need to do a home remodeling or any kind of renovation.

It is even tiring just thinking about it.

One easy way to move to a new place is to ensure that it is clean way before the move-in day. You should also make sure that there is electricity, gas and water in place to avoid rushing for these essentials on your first day.

3. Have an overnight bag

Moving in a new apartment can be tiring such that you will need to rest for the day and start unpacking the following day.

To make your first day easy, pack a bag with all the things you will need for that night and the following morning. Include a few clothes, dishes, toiletries, pajamas and off course your coffee maker.

Packing an overnight bag will save you from searching through your boxes for the items that you need.

4. Plan your meals

Another thing that you will probably not do for a few days in your new apartment is cooking, which is okay given the fact that your kitchen items are all packed up.

Planning your meals well in advance will ensure that you are not stressed when it comes time to eat.

Plan to have some take-outs or have some frozen foods that you can heat up and eat right away.

5. Label the boxes correctly

To save yourself from backbreaking work of lifting heavy boxes, have your movers place them in their appropriate rooms rather than placing them in the living room.

You can ensure each box finds its way to where it should be by correctly labeling them.

This way the movers will place each box according to the label and you, in turn, have an easy time unpacking.

6. Go for easy-to-carry furniture

If you have to add some pieces of furniture, opt for the ones that will be easy to carry to your new apartment. For instance, you can go for ready-to-assemble cabinets because they come stacked in a box that is easy to carry. You will only need to follow the instructions to assemble them, which gives you an easy option for your new apartment.

7. Photograph for reference

Putting back together electronics can pose a challenge, especially where many wires are involved.

It would save you much time if you take a picture of the gadgets before removing the wires, that way you will have a reference of where each wire goes when you move into your new apartment.

8. Take care of the small items

When moving you will be required to disassemble things like your bed and other furniture, ensure that you safely keep the screws in a labeled bag since they can easily get lost.

It would be frustrating trying to put your bed back together with screws for another piece of furniture.

9. Get rid of the trash as you go

The idea of unpacking in a room full of boxes, with less space can make you feel like you are accomplishing nothing.

One way to lift your spirits is to get rid of clutter as you go.

Break down the boxes as soon as you are done removing the items that were inside and pile them in one corner. That way it will be so easy to stack them away when you are done unpacking.


As indicated above, moving in a new apartment can be easy. Just ensure that you plan for the whole process few weeks before moving. Get a professional moving company if possible, if not, you can ask for favors from your friends and family before the move in day so they are well prepared.