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Work Outs You Can Do in Your Apartment

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3 min read
Work Outs You Can Do in Your Apartment

You don’t actually have to leave your home to stay fit.

The good thing about working out is you can do it almost anywhere. You don’t even need equipment. Our own body weight is often enough.

The amount of space you have is also not a factor.

To get you started, here are a few favorites that only take up as much space as a yoga mat.

Challenge Your Core

Lie on your back and roll onto your left side with your knees straight. Prop up your upper body on your left elbow and forearm. Raise your hips so that your body forms a straight line. Hold.

Try to hold for as long as you can. Then switch sides and repeat.

Challenge Your Balance

Stand on your left leg with both arms outstretched in front of you. Lower your torso and reach for the floor. Simultaneously, raise your right leg behind you until it is parallel to the floor. Keep both legs as straight as possible.

Hold this position for a couple seconds and return to standing. Do the same thing, only this time standing on your right foot.

Challenge Your Triceps

Sit on the edge of your couch or chair, with your hands just outside your hips. Lift your body up and walk your feet out until you body is outstretched.Place your heels on the ground with your toes in the air.

Bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle, lowering your hips just above the floor. Extend your elbows, raising your body back up. Repeat.

Challenge Your Glutes

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Turn your toes out slightly. Grab a towel and roll it up. Raise the towel above your head with your arms fully extended, shoulder-width apart.

Squat down as far as possible without letting your knees continue past your toes. Stand back up. That's one rep.

Challenge Your Upper Body

Get in a pushup position. Then, bend your elbows and rest your weight on your forearms instead of on your hands. Press your body up into the pushup position again by extending your arms one at a time. Pause, and repeat.

Challenge Your Lower Body

Stand with your back touching a wall and your feet two feet in front of you, hip-width apart. Then, imagine an invisible chair beneath you. Bend your knees as if to sit until your knees are bent at 90 degrees.

Extend your right leg so that your shin is parallel to the floor. Hold for two seconds then return your leg to the ground. Stay in this position just alternating legs.

Another easy alternative when it comes to exercise is the stairs. If your apartment has an elevator, choose to take the stairs. Just 10 minutes of walking or running up and down the stairs can burn anywhere from 102 calories to more than 239 calories, dependent upon weight.
What’s good about these home routines is that they are quiet. They don’t require any equipment and therefor won’t bother your neighbors, or those who you share your apartment with.

In truth, you don't need a ton of space to work out. With these exercises in mind, you’ll be able to work out in an apartment, a dorm room, a hotel, or whatever small space you find yourself in next.