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Home-Staging for Millennials 101

  • Norhart


4 min read
Home-Staging for Millennials 101

One of the things that no one saw coming was that millennials would be the new driving force behind the housing market.

Slowly but surely, they are becoming the biggest buyers and sellers when it comes to real estate.

Now, as you might guess, every generation has its trends and styles that they seem to keep for the rest of their lives. So, in order to properly stage your home for a millennial buyer, you need to know what they are looking for and how to present it.

What Are Millennials Looking For?

In a nutshell, millennials are moving where they can settle in and develop either their careers or their families. It is a common misconception that they are looking for a crazy life and endless parties. Instead, more and more millennials are opting for a calmer lifestyle and turning towards more valuable things in life.

So, with this in mind, how are you to stage your home? Well, before we get to that, let's first take a step to understand millennials a bit better.

Understanding millennials

Just to be clear, millennials are people that were born between 1981 and 1996. Which means that today's youngest millennials are 24.

Therefore, when considering home-staging for millennials, don't think that you are catering to teens or some terribly young crowd. Millennials are the majority of the workforce and they are the most likely demographic to start a family. So, when staging your home for them, keep in mind what they are looking for.

How To Tackle Home-Staging For Millennials

You, of course, don't have to utilize everything that we'll mention when home-staging. But, you should opt for at least a couple of home-staging ideas we will outline if you are to make your home appealing for millennials.

Smart homes

If there is one thing that millennials are crazy about its smart homes. Be it smart grid solutions that make homes energy efficient and easy to use or smart safety measures like smart locks and alarm systems.

The smarter you can make your home, the easier it is going to be to sell it to millennials. Just try to add a feature that is easy to show off. While having climate control in your home is nice, it isn't really something that is easy to display.

Connect at least one flashy aspect of your smart home to your cell phone and show it once buyers come around. Trust us when we tell you that little things like this can have a major impact on whether the person is going to buy or not.

Open space

A common real estate trend among millennials is open concept floor plans. This means that you should have at least one room that is wide open and that looks full of potential.

When staging, make sure to clear out the living room. The fewer items you have in it, the bigger and more open it is going to look, which is precisely what millennials are looking for. Also, make sure to clean your windows and to take the curtains down. Clear open windows give the impression that the room is large and spacious. Furthermore, you can add a couple of mirrors to your living room, as they are a neat trick to make it seem larger.


Now, colors are a bit more difficult to deal with. First off, you don't want to paint your whole home in the same color, as that is seen as just lazy. Instead, you want to look into which colors invoke which emotions and paint your rooms accordingly. For instance, millennials prefer to have a calmer, more natural living room. So, ideally, you want to use dark green, white or blue colors for it. These colors give a sense of nature and tranquility, which is what millennials are after. Plus, we perceive rooms with colder colors as larger, since we associate them with open space.

On the other hand, you should probably opt for warmer colors for bedrooms and kitchen. Millennials tend to nest and cozy up, which is why you want these rooms to have a feeling of comfort. Therefore, warm yellow or mild red can be a great choice.
Just like it's smart to hire professionals to help you relocate to a new home, so will hiring a professional designer make home staging a lot easier.

Dealing with lights

When it comes to lights, you want to stick with natural or natural-looking lights as much as possible. While millennials pretty much grew up with modern technology, they are surprisingly adamant about hating artificial lights. So avoid any blue or white lights, and stick with yellow when home-staging.

You can use blue light for the home office area, but even this is risky. Also, you want to avoid having a single overhead light. Instead, go for numerous light sources that are situated around the room. Two or three lights per room should be more than enough.

With these tips, you will easily make your home much more appealing to the next generation.