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Best Time of the Year to Rent an Apartment

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3 min read
Best Time of the Year to Rent an Apartment

If you're looking to set out and grab your own place in an apartment building, then you might be wondering just when is the best time to do so.

Depending on your budget and needs, as well as your availability, the answer can be variable. This article will discuss when the best time of the year to rent an apartment might be for you.

1. Plenty of Options

For those who want a wider array of options, then you might want to look for an apartment in the spring or summer months. This is because most college students leave the area to return to their family homes. That leaves a lot of vacancies that the landlords are quite eager to have occupied.

What may have been an exclusive apartment to get into may suddenly be accepting quite a few applications due to the large turnover from its college student population. Sometimes you can even grab those apartments for a cheaper price because of the landlords needing to fill those rooms with people.

2. Ease of Moving

If you're someone who is wary of damaging their belongings during the move, then you might also want to consider moving to and renting from an apartment during the spring and summer. The winter months can bring with it a lot of unpleasant weather.

Slick roads can lead to accidents that can cause damage to your belongings--if not yourself. The summer is warmer and drier. You'll have less risk of rain which can also damage your belongings when you're moving them into the apartment.

Depending on where you're moving, you may also experience less traffic. In key areas where a lot of college students reside, you'll find that the population has significantly been reduced during the summer. That means parking where you need to park is a lot easier.

3. Cheaper Prices

Yet if you're someone who wants to be mindful of their budget, then you might want to wait until the winter months. While fewer people move during the winter, there are still some opportunities to be had. Because of its less than ideal moving weather and circumstances, you'll often find apartments going for cheaper during that period.

Sometimes, the same apartment could be 2-5% cheaper from the expensive month to the cheaper month for a 1-bedroom apartment. That amount could be up to 7% cheaper for a 2-bedroom apartment.

While you'll have to deal with the unpleasant weather when you move, if saving on your rent is important, then moving during the winter month is ideal.

4. Avoid Fall

Fall has nice weather but is not always the ideal time. The reason, this is a key time when students are moving back to their college towns. Apartment complexes might offer some specials, but you're going to have quite the time trying to apply for them with a mass of college students also trying to snag those prices.

You'll also have to deal with moving when everyone else is moving. You can expect a lot of traffic jams and hallway jams when you're trying to move your furniture into your unit.

To make your life a lot easier, you should perhaps try and avoid falling for the seemingly lower prices that apartments offer during the fall. This is primarily geared towards returning college students. Instead, if you want a cheaper price, then your best bet is to wait for the winter or to see if there are any specials during the spring.

5. Holiday Specials

Sometimes a few apartment complexes will offer special holiday prices. Because some of their residents leave during the holidays, you may find a cheap price or promotion that the apartment complex is offering. You may be able to receive a few months of cheaper rent before you have to pay the standard rent.

Some apartment complexes might even be waving the typical security deposit in order to get someone into the complex quickly. If you don't mind the possibility of inclement weather or moving during the holidays, then it might be worth it to see what the complex is offering during that time.

Depending on your needs, renting in winter is generally cheaper, while the summer offers more rental choices. While this is generally the case in America, it’s good to do your research on your specific location. Whether your town is a college town or not, how cold it is in the winter, and the general economy have a great influence on these factors.