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Housing Traits That Appeal to Generation X

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5 min read
Housing Traits That Appeal to Generation X

As every generation that precedes, and every that will follow, Generation X has its fair share of hardships, challenges, and advantages.

In the same manner, the period that they grew up and are living in has shaped their tastes and preferences. With that in mind, how does one define housing traits that appeal to Generation X? Well, we have answered this question in great detail through the following few lines.

Understanding Generation X

In order to zero down on housing traits that appeal to Generation X, one must first understand the core values, principles and ways of thinking these people have been instilled with.

Following the baby boomers and preceding the Millennials, Generation X-ers are defined by research and popular media as individuals who were born between 1965 and 1980. Some sources tend to widen this scale with the birth years beginning as early as 1960, and ending somewhere from 1977 to 1984.

Just like everyone else, people from Generation X have their preferences shaped by the time they grew up and are living in.

Noting these years is important, as it does a great job of illustrating the time these people were growing up in. Balancing values and morales from previous times, and keeping up with the technology of the new age has created quite a unique perspective most of Generation X-ers have.

Their current situation

People that belong to Generation X are in their peak earning years. They are very likely to have families and are the largest generation with kids still living at home. These are all important factors that will have an effect on their ideal housing search.

Housing traits that appeal to Generation X

There are four key factors that have the most appeal to Generation X when it comes to housing. They are intertwined with these core principles:

1. Family comes first

Generation X-ers are knee-deep in family matters. It is the center of their aspirations, and they draw most goals from the family's well-being.

So, housing traits that appeal to Generation X will also have to appeal to their families. Their home needs to be spacious enough, safe, comfortable and cozy.

The perfect place to call home would have a room for every member of the family, and a place for kids and/or pets to play in. Not to mention amenities such as a barbecue area to bring the whole family together.
In regards to apartments, a big living room will suffice, as long as every member of the family will have enough space come leisure time. To put it simply, everything that turns a house into a home is a sort of a must.

In addition, people who grew up during the 80s and 90s tend to be rather nostalgic about those times. This can tell you a lot about the atmosphere they are trying to build in their homes. A safe neighborhood and a home that is always warm is what they are after.

2. Quality over anything else

Generation X is less prone to moving in the waves of trends. Instead, it leans towards a product that is, in a way, beneficial to the society or the environment.

So, even though a big house is a better option than a small one, going too big is a mistake. It needs to provide just enough space to live and function comfortably, yet not be troublesome when the time comes to warming up the place.

Rather than going big, people from Generation X like to go just right.

Generation X-ers are frugal but like to spend money where they find quality. After all, they have a wide perspective and like to invest in things that will last. For example, if a place was built using quality yet expensive materials, Generation X-ers will likely buy it. However, trying to sell them something that is cheap and short-term will most likely end in failure.

It is also important to nnote that Generation X has a keen eye for spotting a sham or dishonesty. That is why it is highly unlikely that they will spend money on an overpriced home.

3. A good deal is a great plus

Good deals and thrifty spending is something Generation X-ers are rather keen on, despite their ample incomes.

Navigating through the middle age, these individuals are seeking security for their families, finances, and personal well-being. They want to provide for their families by purchasing longtime values. This means opting for neighborhoods that are either known for their quality living or the ones that are yet to flourish and show their shine. Taking risks when looking for a home is not an option here.

What's more, Generation X-ers don't like taking risks when moving as well. That is why they always like to include insurance for a worry-free relocation whenever they get a chance. Thinking ahead is their distinctive trait, and they strongly avoid being caught off guard.

Having said that, it is worth pointing out that these individuals know that home buying is an investment. With a resell in mind, they will make their purchase wisely and with greater caution.

4. Modern beats old-fashioned

While you might think that certain baby boomers' homes might have some appeal to Generation X-ers, this is not the case.

The latter would rather be in cities or suburbs in major metropolitan areas that offer strong Wi-Fi and the comfort of having shops and restaurants within walking distance.
One of the housing traits that appeal to Generation X definitely includes proximity to the hustle of a the city. The financial factor also comes into play here. Although they are high earners, most of the people from Generation X would not have the means of paying for a house baby boomers could afford. Not that they would want to. Smaller homes and open floor plans paired with clean lines is the style they are going for.

What it comes down to

Housing traits that appeal to Generation X can be summarized into these points:
● cost-effectiveness,
● modern style,
● closeness to the city, and
● relatively spacious

Appealing to these prerequisites can be challenging, depending on the market. However, knowing the resourcefulness Generation X possesses, they will find a way to make it all work.