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5 Tips for Downsizing to an Apartment

  • Norhart


3 min read
5 Tips for Downsizing to an Apartment

While downsizing to an apartment can provide a range of benefits, the thought of trying to make due with a smaller space can seem like a real obstacle.

Especially, if you are coming from a bigger place, or with a lot of stuff!

A few simple tips for how to better utilize the space could make a world of difference. To help get you started, here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Getting Rid of Unwanted Items

While packing for any move usually means donating a box or two of unwanted items, taking a more aggressive approach towards thinning out your possessions can allow you to fit into even the smallest apartments with ease.

Ridding yourself of the extra furniture, outdated clothing and even small appliances that may end up doing little more than taking up space at your new place can make quite a difference.

2. Shelving, Bins and Cabinets

While storage space is a valuable commodity within any home, living small means trying to find a way to use every bit of space as efficiently as possible.

Modular shelving, recessed cabinets and especially furnishings that feature built-in storage space can all help you to make the most of limited space.

A disorganized storage system can end up costing you more space than you expect while investing in additional shelf space, plastic bins and other containers or upgrading your cabinets with an eye towards efficiency can allow you to live small without feeling cramped.

3. Focus on Quality, Not Volume

Less furniture, fewer decorative items and a reduced number of electronic devices and home appliances makes it important to ensure that every item you decide to keep is of the highest quality.

With limited space for couches, sofas and chairs, selecting furniture that provides superior comfort, better support or a more ergonomic environment is very important.

It's the same with decorative objects and accent items. Even home appliances and personal electronics that fail to provide superior performance or that may only see use on rare occasions might not be worth the space they take up.

4. Off-site Storage Solutions

Renting a storage locker is another option that you may wish to consider.

Off-site storage can provide additional space for a fraction of the price and can be an ideal alternative for those items you may not use often but are still unwilling to give up.

Storage providers can also offer temperature controlled environments for fragile items that may be unable to withstand the elements.

While off-site storage may not be quite as convenient as an addict, basement or spare room, the lower cost per square foot means taking full advantage of the cost savings made possible when downsizing to an apartment.

5. An Active Lifestyle

Finding more activities that will allow you to spend less time at home can help to keep cabin fever from becoming a problem.

A regular trip to gym or laundromat means you can free up the space that would otherwise be needed to store your washer, dryer or treadmill and a weekly movie night can be a lot more fun that sitting at home watching television.
Spending more time out, also makes it much easier to appreciate your apartment on those occasions when you do decide to stay in.

Getting rid of a few unwanted items and making a few changes to your habits and lifestyle may be all it takes to ensure a smoother transition when downsizing to an apartment.