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How to Implement A Minimalist Design

  • Norhart


4 min read
How to Implement A Minimalist Design

When you move to a new place, one thing is certain - this is a pretty big change, especially if you’ve purchased a home. And even if you’re renting an apartment or house, you still want to make it your own, with a touch of unique personality.

If you’re someone who’s more inclined to contemporary interior decorating - you may want to implement a minimalist design in your home. And that’s precisely what we’re here to give you tips on!

Where To Begin

As you might imagine, if you want to implement a minimalist design, there isn’t a single unified guidebook out there. Home interior decorating is a very personal thing; thus, you’ll want to leave an imprint of your own, regardless of the kind of style you choose to follow. Though, we still recommend not doing anything complicated if you’re not a professional interior decorator; that’s why a minimalist style is great for beginners - most people can implement it well enough.

Before you start renovating your home according to minimalist design ideas, a word of warning; be careful as you relocate your furniture and bring in new pieces. If you ask us, amateurs shouldn’t try to move furniture on their own, at least the heaviest pieces - you don’t want to risk any injuries! That being said, we’ll continue on with our general tips on minimalist-oriented designs!

Keep It Simple

If there’s one component to success in interior decorating - it’s efficiency. And while that’s true for any kind of design, it really does go double when you attempt to implement a minimalist design in your home. Keep the process as straightforward and simple as possible - thus minimizing the risk of any mistakes occurring.

For example - if you’re redoing an already furnished home, it can be a pretty hectic process, especially if you try to do it all at once. That’s why we recommend going room by room. Try to simplify each area according to its utility and the desired aesthetic. Not only will this be easier in the practical sense, but you’ll also have a clear sense of success as you see room after room gaining a shiny new look!

Start With The Furniture

Obviously, the largest centerpieces in any room will be furniture. So, if you want to implement a minimalist design in your new home, the first place to start would obviously be the furniture in any room. Start by looking at what furniture pieces represent a hindrance to your minimalist style.

Within reason, you should try to have as few furniture pieces in any room as possible. Naturally, you need to achieve a balance where you don’t sacrifice a lot of comforts, while still maintaining your aesthetic. Use minimalist, simple furniture with subdued, solid colors. Also, don’t just think about what furniture you can replace with smaller versions; consider if all of the furniture in any given room is truly essential. If not, think about getting rid of it altogether.

Clearing Up

Not counting the furniture, all of the floors in your home should be as clear as possible. You don’t want the floor cluttered, and certainly, nothing stacked on them; there should be no things that you permanently store on the floors themselves. When you reduce the amount of furniture you have to the bare minimum, you can start to clear away everything else off the floors. Find a secluded place to keep it, throw it out, or donate it; but keep the floors clear.

Also, you should do the same with any flat surfaces, such as tables and kitchen counters. You don’t want to keep anything more than a couple of simple decorations on them. While you might think that this is going too far at first, soon enough you’ll learn to appreciate the newfound space you have! Simultaneously, you should make sure that you don’t have all kinds of hangings on your walls. Sure, one or two hanging pictures or family photos per room is okay - but don’t go any further than that!


When you get rid of all the stuff that's been taking up space on your floors and flat surfaces, you’ll also need to make some room in your storage areas, so you can find a new permanent place for all of that stuff. Simultaneously, this means clearing out a lot of your storage spaces. Be ready to throw out some old stuff that you haven’t used in years!

Though, you should know that decluttering doesn’t just mean throwing out old stuff out of storage. Apart from that, you should also take great care to make sure your new decor items don’t create new clutter. If you’re putting up some new paintings, in order to keep a room from becoming bland and boring, be certain that it fits the minimalist aesthetic direction you’re going for.
The same goes for any other decorations that you want to place across your newly-redesigned rooms - a couple of simplistic decorations will definitely suffice for each area, like a tiny potted plant or a nice vase. You could always use these smaller items to accentuate the overall theme with a strong pop of color!


As you can see, if you want to implement a minimalist design in your household - you will certainly have some work to do. However, if you do this methodically, room by room, and in line with the minimalist ethos, it shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve. Plus, you’ll be left with a pleasantly decluttered house by the end of it all!