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Risk > Regret

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Risk > Regret

Being an entrepreneur certainly comes with uncertainty, but it opens the door to creating something new.

Accepting a new position may be challenging, but it invites growth.

Taking on a leadership role can create a lot of fears, but it’s an opportunity to help others.

Walking away from the sense of comfort and security to choosing a path of uncertainty can be scary, but so can regret.

Playing it safe and making decisions from a place of fear doesn’t help you achieve your dreams.

It takes you further away from your authentic self.

Maybe you take the risk of becoming an entrepreneur, and maybe you excel at it, or maybe you struggle.

Wouldn’t you like to know? Or, would you rather live life not knowing?

You won’t know unless you try.

Rather than making decisions from a place of fear, go for what you want most.

Sometimes it’s the things you’re contemplating about taking a risk and the things you regret that have a way of teaching you more about yourself than anything else.

Listen to yourself.