A Component to Success

A Component to Success

When I say the word failure, there’s almost an automatic response where you’re probably pairing with it a negative connotation.

Something along the lines of expectations that aren’t being met, stress, defeat, and added pressure.

These negative emotions are a serious drain to one’s motivation.

Except, what if someone ended up learning from the “failure”?

Would it still be considered a failure?

When you experience failure, you’re one step closer to success.

How does that sound for motivation?!

Consider Thomas Edison. He was ‘unsuccessful’ many times. He learned, adapted and tried again until he found the right procedure to do what he wanted to do.

Rather than connecting a negative connotation to failure, look at it as a steppingstone to success.

Whatever you’re trying to succeed at, a sport, school, relationship, project, profession, business, or invention, there will be unsuccessful moments.

But because failure is ultimately a component to success, don’t let that stop you from reaching your dreams, goals, and desires.