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The Magic Behind Happy Employees

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
The Magic Behind Happy Employees

Imagine working long hours, where you’re pressured for time, and are overworked due to poor delegation.

To add to it, no one has any real connection with each other, management has so many restrictions that work isn’t fun, and everyone is underpaid.

It doesn’t sound very enjoyable; Hopefully this doesn’t describe you.

Stressing workers out to the point that they’re no longer happy, is not good for anyone involved. It’s dangerous to individuals, teams, families, and organizations.

It can weaken our effectiveness and distant us from activities.

No system, tool, or method can increase productivity than employees who enjoy their work.

When people are happy, it’s a contagious emotion.

When happiness spreads, more people will genuinely enjoy their work.

They’ll be more productive.

Less distracted.

Those who are happier than they are stressed, will be more susceptible to support their fellow workers.

Most, if they’re not happy, won’t stay.

It’s like this: if organizations don’t invest in their people, they aren’t investing into the future of their business.

Without acknowledging the threat that stress poses, the same issues will still exist.

Removing even one key stressor is already one step towards a happier culture.