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Budget-Friendly Home Decoration Ideas

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

4 min read
Budget-Friendly Home Decoration Ideas

We can all agree that it is insane how costly decorating your home can be.

Even those small touch-ups we do to make a living space feel like a home, come with hefty price tags.

But, you do not have to invest a lot of money on decoration, as long as you use your creative resourcefulness. The internet is full of different budget-friendly home decoration ideas that can transform any room. You just have to be willing to think outside of the box and invest some time and energy in this project.

Your home can say a lot about your personality, so why not make it perfect. Luckily, we are here to help you out!

Freshen Up Your Old Furniture

Just think about it - do you really need to throw away your old furniture and spend a fortune on buying new pieces? Probably not! Master Moving Guide can relocate all your furniture so that nothing gets left behind.

If you want to completely transform your home, and save money while doing so, simply consider freshening up your old furniture.

You can change the color coffee tables, chairs, or basically any wooden piece of furniture by repainting it. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders! This is an easy DIY project which you can do with little time and money, while completely transforming the look of your old wooden furniture.

Moreover, you can change the fabric, that is, the upholstery of your couch, chairs, ottomans and similar. This is a bit more expensive update, but it is still a lot cheaper than buying new furniture.

Re-purpose what you can, it is great for your budget and for the planet.

Use Paint or Wallpapers

As previously mentioned, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders! And, not just on your furniture, but on your walls too. Repainting your walls can really make your room feel refreshed, revived and glowing.

This is also something you can do even if you are on a tight budget. For approximately 35$ you can buy two gallons of high-quality paint and completely repaint two rooms.

You can also consider repainting just one wall and making it a center attraction. Different wall colors in a room can be really interesting, as long as you coordinate the colors well. But, be sure not to repaint every wall in a room in a color that really pops, that is a number one mistake to avoid when decorating your home.

Wallpapers are also great for creating an accent wall, especially in living and dining rooms. Moreover, great wallpapers make great conversation starters too!

Now, before you go and purchase paint, be sure to ask your landlord if where you live you're renting. Some property managers like each unit to look identical. If this is the case, removable wallpaper might be your best bet. Other property managers may like that you're taking initiative to spruce up the place.

Go Green

Probably the easiest and the cheapest way to decorate and refresh any room in your home is by adding plants. You can simply not go wrong with plants. They come in many shapes and sizes and can revive every room that feels dull and humdrum.

So, go to a flower shop and stock up on your green, budget-friendly decorations. Try getting some of those big indoor plants which look amazing in the corner of the room. You can also buy hanging plants, smaller plants in pots, plant frames and pretty much anything you find interesting.

However, if you are constantly traveling and you can not water them, or you simply keep forgetting to, buy some faux plants. They are even cheaper and do not require any attention besides dusting every once in a while.

Never skip on plants when decorating your home. They are beautiful and bring a lot of color and texture.

Add Mirrors and Pictures

Mirrors and pictures are great for adding glamour to any space. Without them, the walls simply feel 'naked'. Of course, they can be really expensive, but like with everything else, you can find a cheaper version and stay on budget.

Thus, go to a second-hand store or a flea market, and buy a couple of mirrors. It is even better if they differ in size and shape. You can hang them on the wall or place them on some piece of furniture in the room. You will immediately notice that they make the room feel bigger and more charming. Also, they are great for making a room brighter as they catch and reflect light.

The same goes for pictures and photos. They make a great addition to any home. Try experimenting with different frames and photos. You can even put many smaller pictures and photos on one wall and mix it up. Gallery walls always look incredible.

Besides mirrors and pictures, you can also hang plants or some other figurines on the wall.

Let There Be Light

A number one lighting tip for an apartment or a house is that roper lighting in the house can make a huge difference. And, again, you do not have to invest a lot in lightening systems to make your home feel bright enough.

Simply, get rid of those big and dark curtains, and put some light and see-through ones. That way, you will let a lot of natural light get in during the day.

And, when the night comes, you can spice things up with different light features. For example, put those big, self-standing lamps in the corner of the room. Also, add fairy lights, or even candles. Just make sure that all of these lightening features are eye-comforting.

With these home decoration ideas, your bank wont break and your home will be Instagram-worthy.

If you're looking for an apartment to call home, we want to meet you. We have studio size, one, two and three bedroom apartments to choose from.