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Lighting Tips for Apartments

  • Norhart


4 min read
Lighting Tips for Apartments

Lighting is an aspect that has a huge impact on the appearance of any place.

If you own a big house or an apartment, you are free to experiment since some of the mistakes you make can go unnoticed.

However, that is not the case with small apartments where everything needs to be planned carefully. Whether you would like to make your place look more spacious or cozier, it is essential that you choose proper lighting.

We will guide you through some lighting tips for small apartment that you can apply at your home.

Appreciate Natural Light

If you are lucky enough to have enough natural light so that you do not need artificial light sources in the daytime, good for you!

Although, be careful not to suffocate the light that you get by choosing dark or non-transparent curtains. Of course, you need those to protect your privacy, but they shouldn't be your only alternative.

Natural light is the healthiest option for you too. It will keep you awake and improve your mood. Plus, it visually maximizes space in your apartment.

Here are some extra tips on how to take all that you can get from your bright windows:

It goes without saying that you should keep your windows clean all the time - nobody likes dusty and dirty windows.

If you are thinking of repainting them, choose white or any other brighter color.

One of the best lighting tips for small apartment is to put a mirror or more of them opposite the window since the reflection will make the place look brighter and airier.

Multiple Light Sources

Every room needs more than one light source however small the room might be.

The same goes for tiny apartments since they tend to look even smaller when they do not get enough light.

Ceiling lights are the most important, but you shouldn't underestimate the importance of wall, floor and table lamps.

Proper Ceiling Lights

One very popular choices for the ceiling lights is track lighting. Track lights are beneficial to small areas because they distribute the light across the ceiling evenly and they do not occupy too much space.

Nowadays, you can find so many models to fit any interior. These lights are practical for one more reason - they only need one installation and you get more than one light source.

Also good for maximizing the space in a small apartment are the ceiling spotlights. Since those are built-in, there is no risk of your fixtures taking too much of your valuable space or determining the wrong height where the fixtures should be mounted.

Spots are also good sources of additional light when you have one main fixture at the ceiling. If you are uncertain about the choice you can always contact the property manager to see you’re your options are – just like you would contact, should you consider moving.

Wall Lights

Wall fixtures are great for illuminating dark corners and for drawing attention to your wall art.

Naturally, when positioned the way they should be these fixtures can make the room look bigger and brighter.

When the light is focused on painting, photo frame or a bookshelf, the wall behind looks like it is fading and disappearing which adds to the space of a room.

Table Lamps Aren’t Just Decor

If we are talking about lighting tips for small apartment, we cannot omit table lamps. They can be purely decorative, but they can also add to the lightness of a room.

When you are shopping for table lamps, you should pay attention to the lampshades. They can change the color or the intensity of the light the lamp is casting. If you would like your lighting to help you widen your room, go for glass lampshades.

If you need to create a functional working area in your small apartment, the choice of proper lighting must not be left to chance. What you need here is called task lighting. That means that the areas of your apartment where you perform your work or some other tasks have to have additional light sources.

Choose Bold Fixtures

The place where we live says a lot about our personality, there is no doubt about that.

That is why you should pick at least one fixture that represents your taste to the core, that also increases the space, at least visually.

The same goes for floor lamps, but you need to be careful there. If your apartment is too small, then a floor lamp can make it appear even smaller if you do not choose a model that suits your interior.

The Color Temperature

Once you pick your lighting fixtures, it is time for you to start hunting for light bulbs. Light bulbs that will give your home a color that pleases your eyes. This is not an easy task!

Most people choose warm white light (2700 - 3000 K) for their apartments and that might be the safest option if you are afraid of making a mistake.

If you would like your place to appear more modern and cleaner you can go for cooler light (somewhere around 4000 K).

Be careful not to make your living space look too sterile due to cool light.

Opt for warmer tones (below 3000 K) in your bedroom since this light is proven to have a calming effect on your eyes and your entire body.

After all, this is your apartment. It needs to reflect your taste in not only the furniture, the décor, but in the lighting as well.