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A Culture of Curiosity

  • Norhart


1 min read
A Culture of Curiosity

Questions are an invitation.

They challenge peoples’ mentality to think.

When leaders give out answers or tell others what to do, the opportunity to be creative is taken away.

For instance, if I were to ask you why the sky is blue, what would your answer be?

While I pause and let you think about it, your imagination is roaming. Maybe you think it’s the reflection from a large body of water or that something in the air makes it blue. If I pause long enough, you may just come across the answer yourself.

Now, I could just tell you the answer, but that doesn’t foster critical thinking.

Someone can’t understand what someone else is thinking, without asking questions.

Questions indicate that someone is interested. That they desire to know more.

The role of a leader isn’t to solve everyone’s problems, but to foster innovation, collaboration and conversation.

A culture of curiosity takes time, but it begins by asking questions.