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Apartment Trick or Treat

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

3 min read
Apartment Trick or Treat

Apartment living has many perks.

There’s the benefit of having maintenance on call, amenities to use on-site, not needing to rake leaves, less space to clean and around this time of year… Halloween!

Halloween, or trick or treating is arguably easier in an apartment. Think about it. At a neighborhood, parents and children have to worry about cars, the temperature, and how dark it gets. Meanwhile, children trick or treating in an apartment are in a controlled environment.

Rain, snow, or freezing temperatures won’t stop you from having fun. Rather than covering up your costume with a jacket, or wearing multiple layers to stay dry or warm, you’ll be able to strut your stuff.

You can go door-to-door in a few feet. This means you’ll fill your bucket up faster, in less time, and might still have time to watch a movie afterwards.

If you’re new to your apartment complex, or don’t know what the rules, regulations, or procedure is for trick or treating, ask your leasing manager. Some communities ask those that are participating to hang a sign on your door. Others disapprove of running and screaming in the halls, knocking on door after door after door, or stomping across the landscaping. Every community is different which is why we recommend that you know the rules before the day arrives.

Trick or Treat Safely

The same rules apply as they would in a neighborhood.

Supervise. Maybe you walk with your children door-to-door, or watch them from down the hall, either way it’s good to keep track of where they are and if they’re ok.

Privacy. Advise your children not to go inside someone’s apartment.

Check. When they get back home, have them look over the candy before eating to ensure that none are opened or tampered with.

Apartment Owners

Don’t let Halloween become something of the past. If only a few are participating, it won’t be that fun. We encourage you to reach out to your leasing office and see what their plans are for the holiday.

Dress up the door. A door with anything Halloween related is inviting. Its festive and might encourage others to do the same. A decorated door might represent to trick or treaters that you’re participating.

Dress up yourself. Rather than answering the door in jeans and sweater, add some excitement. It’d be fun for the kids, and yourself when you see their reaction.

Keep pets away. While some children love animals, others scare easy. All pets react differently when someone comes to the door. Depending on who it is, some pets can become aggressive, excited, or run out the door. To make the day enjoyable for everyone involved, it’s a good idea to keep pets a safe distance away.

Packaged goodies. Homemade treats might be made with good intentions, but on this scary holiday, it’s best to purchase pre-packaged treats to hand out.
If anything, trick or treating at your apartment is another source to get candy. When you’re done, by all means, go ahead and head to a nearby neighborhood, or two, and get all the candy you can.

After all, this is the sweetest day of the year!