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Go Against the Flow

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Go Against the Flow

Can you recall a time where someone shared their big idea with the group, and everyone remained silent?

Then, someone in the group agrees to this idea and sooner or later the whole group has agreed; Even though, there were plenty of unexpressed concerns and questions, before.

Generally speaking, people like to surround themselves with people who think like they do.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but think about it, if people see things the same way, it’s likely that they aren’t seeing everything – together, they’ll have the same blind spots.

Following the same flow as those around you can result in missed opportunities.

For instance, on a river, going down stream, you follow the current, your patient, and accept things for what they are.

In the flow, movement is restricted, individual voices aren’t necessarily heard, and talents are uniform among member of the group.

Conversely, fighting against the current, going upstream, although it’s difficult, you choose where you want to go.

Where you go, you will grow.

But, where you stay, well that’s just it – you’re staying.