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Create Your Own Job Title

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Create Your Own Job Title

Looking across LinkedIn, there are a lot of job titles.

There are job titles that are different, but also a lot alike.

Job titles share with me what you do, your expertise, success, and knowledge. They give a sense of seniority and be indicative of one’s salary or motivation.

Title are an easy way for colleagues to know who’s responsible for what and what they should be responsible for.

They tell us what each of us are focused on.

For some, you’re doing more than what’s in your job description.

Or for others, maybe your job title is hindering your true potential.

The problem with job titles today is that they can’t adequately describe all of someone’s value.

Behind each title, are goals. Rather than waking up in the morning and narrowing down who you are to your title, “I am a Project Manager at said company” say what you’re working towards, “I’m building a competitive and unparallel team or product.”

This new title, that you created for yourself, will remind you what you’re working to earn each and every day.

There’s more to you than what your title says about you.