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Everyone Leads by Example

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Everyone Leads by Example

We’ve all heard the phrase, lead by example.

It’s a popular expression, often associated to managers and leaders of an organization to set the direction for their people.

Ideally, managers and leaders want their employees to copy their good behavior – arriving to work early, turning work in on time, respecting fellow coworkers etc.

The idea is if a leader is kind to their people, the people will be kind and the company will be a nice place to work.

If a leader is enthusiastic about the mission, optimism will excel the company to new heights.

If a leader is honest, the business will run on trust.

If leaders love what they do and authentically demonstrate it, the business will have a family atmosphere of helping one another which will lead to happier, more successful lives.

If a leader demonstrates bad behaviors, the opposite is also true.

For instance, when leaders say one thing, but do another, they wear away trust – a serious component of leadership.

By walking your own talk, you become a person other people want to follow.

Therefore, leading by example applies to everyone.

When we lead, we’re leading from the essence of who we are.

Who we are might be the example someone else needs?

The fact is you are an example, just as everyone else is to you.

Whether you’re a good example or not is up to you.