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Leaders Care About the Person Behind the Employee

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Leaders Care About the Person Behind the Employee

While there are a lot of categories that separate us from one another, one thing is the same… we are all people.

And, people have dreams and ambitions.

They are not just workers.

Some organizations expect people to leave their feelings, emotions and thinking capabilities at the door before entering the workplace.

These organizations have a mindset that people are not hired to think and express their individuality, but they are hired to do what they’re told.

Then, they wonder why their turnover rate is so high.

It’s because there are other opportunities with greener pastures.

Now, not all employees want to leave, but for them to stay, it means investing.

Great leaders invest, or care about their employees’ ambitions, and not just their own or the company’s.

Leaders who care, display kindness and concern for others.

Caring is different from wanting to be liked.

Caring allows leaders to course-correct employees for the good of themselves, the team, and the company without letting personal concerns get in the way.

Leaders show that they care when they allow employees to think on their own, compared to being monitored [micromanaged] over their every move.

When people feel cared for, they start to care for others which results in this caring environment where people can fully engage both their heads and hearts.

Ultimately, benefiting everyone involved.

Remember, there’s a person behind the employee.