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Apartment Storage Hacks

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

4 min read
Apartment Storage Hacks

The construction game has changed quite a bit in the past decade.

Some apartments are expanding in square footage and others are diminishing. There are a wide range of apartment options to accommodate to the variations in renters. People need apartments for all sorts of reasons leaving property management companies to go back to the drawing boards.

While apartments fluctuate in square footage, the same cannot be said for our personal things. Still, there is no need to worry. Our tips are great for maximizing space to give your apartment a clean, spacious and organized feel.


For those that know how to organize well, there is no need to get rid of half of your things.

If you have lived in a mess for too long. It is time to grab the bull by the horns and declutter once and for all.

If by any chance you realize that you cannot declutter and manage the storage space of your current living condition, you might want to consider moving. For those that are waving a white flag, and don't know where to start, check for professional businesses that can help you with your moving needs.

No Drawers, No Bed

For those that are living in a small apartment, having a bed with drawers is an absolute must. These drawers are perfect for storing bedding and other large items such as winter coats, etc. This way, you will make more space in your closet and other parts of the apartment for other items that you use more often.

Another option is to purchase a bed with space underneath it. You will see that the new space will make a big difference in organizing.

Magnetic Racks

Magnetic racks can be used in the kitchen in so many different ways. For example, you can use them to hang your utensils, mugs and pots.

Instead of wasting valuable kitchen cabinet space, you can just hang everything.

Last but not least, you can use magnetic racks to put away your spices. Not only will you have more space, but all these items will be at hand’s reach and supper visible. Imagine having free countertops for cooking or anything else you like.

It sounds like a dream for those that spend their days in the kitchen.

Hamper Hack

Have you ever thought about hanging your hamper on the back of your closet door?

Truly, it is a great idea to save floor space in your already small apartment.

Realistically, a hamper takes up as much space as a nightstand, so the free space you get is really significant.

We are all looking for an apartment that has that open space feel to it. That cannot be accomplished with cluttered floors.

Garbage and Recycling Bin(s)

Having your garbage and recycling bin visible is highly unattractive. Therefore, put them away in a place where they are not visible but easily accessible. Your bottom kitchen cabinets are a great solution to this problem and a solution to free up your floors.

Fruits and Veggies Hanging

There are many cool, modern baskets that you can buy to hang in your kitchen.

By doing this, you will make space in your fridge and on your countertop. Finally, you will have space for that Nespresso machine that you always wanted to put in your kitchen.

Hanging things in the kitchen is a perfect way to free up space. There is no better storage hack for this room. In other words, hang your kitchen!

Towel Hooks and Bars

These hangers are not meant for your towel. In fact, they are not meant to be hung in your bathroom. Thus, you should use these practical hangers to organize your scarfs, belts and other items that should be hung. By doing this, you will have clear visibility of all your items. Not to mention there will be no need to dig through a pile to find what you were looking for.

Space Above Your Doorframe

Above your doorframes, there is a lot of space that we forget about. When decluttering, forgetfulness is a luxury that you cannot afford. So, use this space wisely and install shelves that you can use for whatever floats your boat.

It is important to be creative because otherwise, you might not be able to function in your small apartment.

Don’t Let Your Cables Run Wild

The area around your work desk can very easily get neglected. The cables from your laptop charger, internet connection, and other things can get intertangled. Hence, a mess is bound to happen.

In this case, there is a simple solution. All you need to do is take a zip tie and put the cables together. This way you will have an organized, clean and functional working area at home.

Storage Benches

Having a storage bench near the entrance of your apartment is a great idea. First, you can use it to put on and take off your shoes comfortably when you arrive home or when you leave.

Second, you can use the storage drawers in the bench to put away items that you do not need. For example, during summertime, you can store winter items such as gloves, scarves, etc.

In the end, it is very important to remember one thing. An unorganized person can make the biggest apartment look small. Of course, sometimes apartments are a bit tight, but nothing can be done about that. What you can control is how you organize and treat your personal belongings.

Thus, if you do not want your apartment to look like a hoarder’s nest, use our partment storage hacks. You will see that with just a little effort our hacks really make a difference.