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Project Leader-Management-Ship

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Project Leader-Management-Ship

In its simplest definition, project leadership is the act of leading a team towards the completion of a project.

Sounds easy.

However, like most things, it comes with its challenges.

The first word, project, relates to the task at hand.

The second word, leadership, relates to the people.

Therefore, project leadership requires skills in both management and leadership.

Unlike project managers, project leaders recognize their team members as their most valuable resource.

Rather than controlling the situation, they focus on inspiring and empowering.

They set a vision, lay out the objectives, and lead people throughout the project.

Project managers are very analytical and tactical. They are concern about deadlines, reports the progress, and manages the job.

Consequently, a project leader can be a project manager, but a project manager cannot necessarily be a project leader.

Only because not all project managers have the ability to “lead.”

While leadership in management constantly expands our own capabilities, it empowers others to do the same.

The expansion and inspiration of people involved is what make projects successful!