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Employees Represent the Company to the Public

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Employees Represent the Company to the Public

It’s commonly known that when employees are happy, engaged, and productive, it’s because they’re satisfied with their jobs.

It’s difficult for a business to be successful without the satisfaction and motivation of its employees.

In that case, one would think that caring about employee satisfaction is a no-brainer for organizations.

Apparently, that’s not the case or employees wouldn’t be left feeling unappreciated, expendable, underpaid, etc.

Organizations, managers, or leaders who ask their employees if they’re satisfied is a step in the right direction. Except, they might not get back honest feedback.

For an employee to share their honest opinion, especially to someone higher up, can be intimidating.

Anonymous feedback can help ease the tension and share their thoughts without retribution.

Employee satisfaction is different for everyone.

While some employees feel satisfied by their work because their needs and wants are being met, others aren’t, leaving them left unsatisfied.

Taking time to listen to employees first will allow you to hear how they're feeling. Then give them feedback. Whether positive or negative, if something isn’t brought to someone’s attention, they will never know.

Employees also need to get involved. Employee satisfaction is a shared responsibility and should not be left entirely to management. Satisfaction is based upon the workplace and all its people. If feedback isn't freely given, ask for it!

Although the factors are different for everyone, the top factors that are related to employee happiness are satisfaction with:

The job itself – people want to have a sense of pleasure, joy, or accomplishment from the work they are doing day-to-day.

Relationships – people like to work with other people who enjoy their job too. Toxic emotions can spread between each other, making the culture less enjoyable.

Leadership – It’s hard to have fulfillment at work when people are being led or managed ineffectively.

Think of it as an equation to success.

Employee Satisfaction + Leadership = [Positive] Business Performance

Having happy employees is extremely important because they represent the company to the public.