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Don’t Let Strengths be Transformed to Weaknesses

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Don’t Let Strengths be Transformed to Weaknesses

While it’s important to capitalize on your strengths it’s important that it’s done in moderation.

It’s easy to recognize strengths as a positive, but fail to see when they’ve been overused.

For instance, a leadership strength might be that they are strong communicators.

When overused, others become silent.

Some leaders practice empathy.

When overused, people may take advantage of them.

Taking any strength to an extreme is detrimental to performance.

There needs to be balance.

Something that great leaders do is recognizing and developing other people’s strengths, along their own.

In doing so, leaders are selective about what situations call for what strength and adjusting how much of that strength to use, versus too much.

Like a muscle, if all the attention is on one part of the body, no progress is made elsewhere; the strength will confine you.

Strengths should be helping you, not hindering you.