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What Leaders Say

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

2 min read
What Leaders Say

Words of affirmation are the primary way employees like to be shown appreciate in the workplace.

How one communicates with their employees can either make them feel valued or disposable.

According to a Gallup study, employees who receive verbal praise on a regular basis increase productivity, receive higher loyalty and satisfaction scores, and are more likely to stay with their organization.

  1. Give praise for performance.
  2. Give praise for character traits.
  3. Give praise that’s affirms their future.
  4. Give praise by asking to learn from them.
  5. Give praise with rewards attached.

Great leaders know that they are only as good as their team. This awareness can be reflected in their words and actions.

Good morning
It may appear as a small thing but touching base in the morning or at the start of any shift demonstrates to employees that a leader is present and is taking time to connect on a personal level.

Good Job.
Compliments when a job is done well assures employees that their hard work is appreciated and noticed.

I’m sorry.
Hearing a leader admit to their mistake(s) helps employees realize that every person is capable of errors – allowing employee to feel comfortable in the future to own up to a mistake they may make.

What do you think?
Good leaders let their employees know their ideas are heard and taken into consideration. Sending a message that their input, experience, and ideas hold value.

Please/Thank you
Manners are so simple, yet often overlooked in business.

How can I better support you?
The real job of a leader is to support and provide service to their employees. This demonstrates concern and compassion for the employee.

Do you have any questions?
Open communication eases tension in the work environment - allowing workers to feel as though they’re a part of a team.

The workplace doesn’t need to be so serious, all of the time. Laughter on occasion makes the environment more enjoyable.

The key is not just in what you say, but how it’s said – the more specific the better.

Great leaders find themselves using reinforcements, questions, and statements of gratitude on a daily basis.