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ROOM8 - The Easiest Way to Find Roommates

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

3 min read
ROOM8 - The Easiest Way to Find Roommates

Loving your apartment but want to save on rent or upgrade to a bigger unit? Teaming up with a roommate makes it easy!

Whether this is your first time moving or not, you maybe be considering if you should get a roommate. According to research done by the Pew Research Center, nearly 79 million adults have lived in a shared household at one point in their lives. It makes sense. With the price of housing that has continuously increased, living with a roommate can help make the transition much easier – it’s the most basic ways to cut costs.


In most situations, living with a roommate means dividing the monthly expenses. In addition to splitting up the cost of rent and utilities, roommates often split the cost of other apartment essentials like furniture, decorations, and household supplies. A good idea early on is to decide ownership of the larger more expensive items to avoid drama if a roommate should move out.

Having a roommate could potentially mean living in a nicer place than you would have on your own. With expense help, you’ll likely be able to afford a bigger place. A bigger place doesn’t just mean more bedroom, it can mean more space all around. A larger living room, a bigger kitchen, a second bathroom, or a designated dining area are all perks often included with bigger apartments.

Living in a new place, away from friends and family can be intimidating and can get a little lonely. People who aren't used to living on their own, solitude can be a challenge. Having a roommate is like having a friend right in your own home. A roommate is someone to talk to, someone to do something with, and someone to hold you accountable.

Rather than doing the cleaning all on your own, with a roommate you can share the chores. The responsibility of keeping the place clean is divided in half. If you’re lucky, you might get out of doing the chore you like the least.

A well-chosen roommate has the ability to make a living situation much more enjoyable and affordable, offering you the appropriate mix of availability and privacy that you desire.


So, how do you find a roommate?

We have teamed up with a service called, ROOM8. ROOM8 makes finding a roommate easy. When you download the app, you’ll be able to search for people based on custom filters including school, budget, location, and hobbies to find a roommate with a similar lifestyle as you.

This roommate finder app has a lot of advantages. One being that you can text or message people in a natural setting. Take this opportunity to ask your potential roommate questions. Getting to know your roommate before signing a lease is extremely important to a happy, healthy living situation.

Another advantage is how convenient the service is. Life gets busy. After all, you’re probably managing work, a social life, school, and family that sitting down to interview with someone can take a lot out of your schedule. This app will make life that much easier because you can use it anytime, anywhere. Plus, the conversations get saved. In case you need to go back, the messages will be saved between you and your potential roommate(s) in case you need to reread.


Finding a roommate doesn’t need to be difficult.

With the money you’ll save by splitting your rent, you can access even more Norhart apartments!

At Norhart, we strive to make your living situation as comfortable as possible – no matter your roommate situation. Select from one, two, and three-bedroom apartment floor plans. Each community has specific amenities unique to that property such as: in-unit washer and dryers, granite countertops, electronic keyless entry system, game room, fitness center, animal friendly, etc.

Nearly all of our communities are minutes away from bustling shopping, dining, and entertainment areas. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our available floor plans and find a new place to call home.

Download ROOM8 on the App Store or Google play.