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Fostering Creativity at Work

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Fostering Creativity at Work

When you think of a place that fosters creativity, do you think of a workplace?

Maybe what came to mind was a classroom, a theater, or a museum. Places that endorse individuality.

What didn’t come to mind or was near the bottom of the list was probably the workplace. Typically, work is a place where you come in, do your work, and leave.

Being creative at work normally means taking risks. Generally, risk taking is something to be cautious about. It can make someone feel hesitant, especially when there is a chance that things could fail.

But here’s the thing: creativity, originality, and innovation are absolutely important in the workplace.

Creativity allows room for creative thinking which can lead to new ideas.

Outside the box thinking generates excitement, passion, and curiosity which result in the desire to learn, opening up the mind to unexplored paths.

With creativity, there is collaboration and room for authentic relationships to form between colleagues; ultimately making the workplace more enjoyable.

With all that said, some workplaces are so fixed on their same old concepts and solutions that they refuse creativity. This idea may work for some business, but a majority of time it results in stagnation and boredom.

Developing a creative culture takes time.

To create big ideas in the workplace it needs to be encouraged.

If workplaces want to think creatively, leaders need to be supportive of their employees.

Creativity is feed by asking questions to spark discussions and gain insight with the help of others.

The more creativity is encouraged, the more it will become an essential part of the company culture.

Enabling employees to explore their potential by tapping into the creative process, will unlock new opportunities for business innovation and growth.