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Setbacks Aren't Displayed

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Setbacks Aren't Displayed

Stories of someone who went on a mission, experienced setbacks, and overcame them on their way to success are always so inspiring.

Except that’s the thing, those setbacks were displayed to us. If we hadn’t of been told about the setbacks we would have only known about the success.

All anyone sees is what’s outwardly display to them.

When it comes to ourselves, our personal setbacks can often feel ever so public.

Except it’s not true. Unless these things are shared, nobody sees them. Nobody knows about the rejections or the insults, the closed doors, the mistakes made, or the stressors that life brings.

Trust me when I say this, I cannot see your setbacks. Instead, what I see is who you are today. Any past experience that you have gone through, made you who you are today, and that is something to embrace.

Setbacks are only there if you choose to carry them with you.

Whatever it is that you’re carrying with you, just know that was then and this is now.

It’s a new week, it’s a new day, it’s a new hour to make something new for yourself.

So, walk out of that bad meeting, collect your thoughts, and walk into the next meeting with a smile.

If something didn’t go as planned, analyze the situation, and execute better next time.

If the emotions got the best of you, pause, collect yourself, and come back with what you want to say.

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it is not okay, it’s not the end.” - John Lennon

Any setback that you have experienced means that you have a story to tell. Your story isn't over.