Can You Spot the Difference? Leadership vs. Management

Take a look at the image below.


The person in orange either represents a leader or a manager.

Often these roles get intertwined. That the responsibility of a leader is alike that of a manager. Except, the difference is the position of where they are in relation to their team.

As you might have guessed, the manager in this diagram is the person on the bottom.

They are directing where their team goes and what they need to do. The manager stands on the sidelines, receiving all the recognition, while their employees work diligently to get the projects done on time. There is no collaboration since all the ideas are coming solely from the manager themselves.

The leader in this diagram is the person on the top.

Almost completely opposite, leaders are highly engaged. Leaders work with their team, carrying the weight of the workload. Leaders encourage collaboration because they recognize the importance of sharing ideas. Leaders like to learn and teach new things; they are a role model to their team.

These are a few differences that I see, what else do you see?